Back to the strike that

by Sean Hackbarth

Back to the strike that almost was:

For what the owners wanted, they didn’t cave like I expected them to. There will be more revenue sharing and the payroll tax will apply to payrolls above $117 million next year. In return, baseball won’t contract until at least 2006 and the minimum salary will rise 33%. The AP story says mid-market teams are the big winners while big-spending teams like the Yankees are the biggest losers.

As for my Brewers, this will marginally help. No one outside the team knows how bad the team’s financials are. The two-year-old Miller Park was suppose to allow the team to afford better players, but their payroll has been almost flat. Then there’s the question of team leadership. Brewers president Wendy Selig-Prieb accepts poor performance. If she didn’t they why does she stick with general manager Dean Taylor? The best chance for future Brewers success is a deep-pocketed owner who sees the team as a long-term investment or hobby rather than a cash-flow generator.

“Last-Minute Deal in Baseball Talks Prevents a Strike

“Baseball Strike Averted

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