Rahman Flees to Italy

by Sean Hackbarth

Abdul Rahman was granted asylum in Italy and arrived there. Many Afghan Muslim are miffed he was allowed to leave the country instead of converting back to Islam or be killed for apostasy. Clerics called it a “betrayal to Islam” and the Afghan parliment wanted the Karzai government to stop Rahman from leaving.

With this courageous action Italy should prepare for the backlash. I won’t be surprised if fatwahs are issued for Rahman’s death. Also expect violent protests outside Italian consulates similar to the ones in response to the Muhammad cartoons.

Italy Welcomes Man Who Fled Afghanistan”

Afghan Convert ‘Arrives in Italy’”

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2 Responses to “Rahman Flees to Italy”


I’m not up on my Afghan history, but wasn’t Italy where the exiled king of Afghanistan lived for 28 years or something? That’s interesting that Italy’s so welcoming to refugees from there. And pretty cool, of course.


Your Afghan history is light-years ahead of other’s. I just learned it from reading one of the two stories I linked. Another reason I think Italy took him in is Rahman is Catholic, and Pope Benedict has been working hard to help him.

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