Kerry’s Fallout

by Sean Hackbarth

The fallout from Sen. John Kerry’s “stupid troops” comment continues. The Boston Herald is embarrassed to have him representing Massachusetts. A paranoid rant instead of an apology will do that. Kerry’s supporters on his weblog are in the same state of denial as the Senator [see here and here]. The guy claimes he “botched” a joke. Then all he has to do is apologize for the mistake then move on. The only thing stopping him is his ego and the his bitterness about losing in 2004.

And now, the guy’s radioactive. Democrats are asking that Kerry not show up to events.

UPDATE: Kerry won’t be in Pennsylvania to help Bob Casey in his Senate fight. He’s going back to Washington “to tackle this, you bet.” He’s reliving 2004 by claiming it’s the “swift boat stuff all over again.” It’s all about Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. Kerry the bitter, egotistical losing Presidential candidate.

UPDATE II: A caller on Charle Sykes’ show said Kerry’s “botched joke” was “poison” coming out of his mouth. Michael Bates at NewsBusters quotes a CNN reporter hoping “that all of this is going to go away tomorrow.” [via Hot Air]

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One Response to “Kerry’s Fallout”


“A paranoid rant instead of an apology will do that.”

How to paint Republican opponents as “paranoid” and “crazy” in three easy steps:

1. Say the most inane, ridiculous shit possible about your opponent (Kerry faked his purple hearts! John McCain fathered a black baby!).

2. Keep doing this until opponent cracks, gets justifiably upset, and exclaims in public how they can’t believe the ridiculous shit their opponents are saying about them.

3. Point at opponent and say with hushed mock-concern, “wow, he’s really unhinged and crazy! Look how upset and paranoid he is!”

Lather, rinse, repeat. I’d say get some new tactics, but unfortunately, this one seems to keep working.

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