Cris Collinsworth Should Be Fired

by Sean Hackbarth

I may be one of the lucky few in the nation watching the Packers-Vikings game, but that means I have to endure the moronic color commentary of Cris Collinsworth. Out of the many bits of stupidity to fly out his mouth was his opinion that the Packers’ number one need was to find a replacement for tight end Bubba Franks. Brett Favre might retire, Ahman Green is getting old, the defensive secondary has gaping holes and Collinsworth thinks tight end is the biggest need. The abysmal quality of him and Bryant Gumble doesn’t make me wish my cable company shelled out the bucks for NFL Network.

UPDATE: Collinsworth-Gumble were miserable to the bitter end. It was the Vikings’ last drive. The tension was in the air. Could a rookie quarterback who didn’t do anything all game move his team into field goal range? The pathetic excuses for announcers failed to let us know it was fourth down. The Vikings fail to get a first down, and we get zilch from Collinsworth-Gumble. NFL Network, please put these men out of their misery. Get a quality television product before you try to make the cable companies pay a fortune to put it on their systems.

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5 Responses to “Cris Collinsworth Should Be Fired”


Top priority? Maybe not, but the Pack sure doesn’t have shit for tight ends right now. I’d say the need, in order, is wide receivers, safeties, tight ends, running backs. Favre’s coming back and he can still play, so QB is set.


If they find another cornerback Woodson can move to safety where he would be dominant. They wide receiver would be second on my list so Favre has more people than Donald Driver to throw to. Nothing about Aaron Rogers has impressed me so they need a QB for the post-Brett era. And they need a running back other than Green that can break a tackle. Way back there is Bubba’s replacement.


If I performed my job the way Bubba Franks has his this year I would be fired!! I think he and some others need to be closely reviewed. Why should you fire Chris for doing his job?


Tight end is one of the packers’ greatest needs. Tight end is a very important position in the packers’ west coast offense, and they have gotten zero production from the position. Just in the past two weeks the tight ends have dropped/fumbled away 2-3 sure tds. Not to mention the fact that bubba is slow and doesn’t stretch the field. Having a talented te would be huge for the packers’ passing game.


More important than finding Favre’s or Green’s replacement? I don’t think so. A platoon of tight ends and a young, pass-catching fullback can compensate. Now, if a prospect like a Vernon Davis or Kellen Winslow fell into the Packers’ lap I wouldn’t complain.

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