Gingrich Vs. Pelosi

by Sean Hackbarth

Speaker Newt Gingrich when Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 1995:

Gingrich getting gavel Gephardt

Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2007 when the Democrats took over:

Nancy Pelosi flexing her muscle

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18 Responses to “Gingrich Vs. Pelosi”


Gingrich Vs. Pelosi in Pictures…

Sean Hackbarth has photos of Newt Gingrich assuming the Speakership in 1995 and Nancy Pelosi doing so yesterday. He notes a certain contrast in style.


I think that’s a pretty unfair posting Sean… especially if you watch the actual video news of this occurring. There is a very similar moment for Pelosi when the gavel is passed, even a nice kiss on the cheek. I could probably go back to video when Gingrich became speaker and pick out a bad frame to show of him too.


we are now the “loyal” resistance anything is fair game and compared to some of the shat the other side has been pulling since that moment in 94 this is pretty fair

nice post Sean


If Newt would have done his best Hulk Hogan it would have been everywhere. I’ve been plenty fair to Pelosi giving her credit when she deserves it.


You should watch the videos side by side. I’ll bet that they start playing the music at the exact same times.


we are now the “loyal” resistance anything is fair game

Ah, a new age of bipartisanship has dawned…


Ah, a new age of bipartisanship has dawned…

Did you sleep through the first twelve years of it?


Twelve Years Later, More Upbeat Media…

Time Magazine cover for November 7, 1994:
Yesterday on the ABC’s evening news show ‘World News,’ anchor Charles Gibson said of Pelosi, “perhaps even more symbolic, the new speaker was on the floor for a time holding her six year…


Hey, Chris, how about instead of reactionary partisanship, you people get out of the damn way and let the rest of us fix the messes you’ve gotten us all into.

Sean, you must be some kind of idiot. Did you not see the part where she hugged the guy? And where’s your picture of Hastert glaring from the sidelines, looking daggers at the woman who dared to be the Speaker of the House?


No, see, but Chet, it’s like Sean said–if Gingrich had done one little thing that looked bad out of context it would have been all over the ELITE LIBERAL MEDIA, so he has the right to take one little thing Pelosi did out of context. Way to completely ignore Sean’s straw man argument, dude. What’s the point of him tearing down something he built up himself if you won’t even pay attention?


Pelosi’s pose is a goofy picture. I couldn’t resist. Plus, I didn’t say anything. They’re just pictures. Kind of like a Rorschach test.


Pelosi’s pose is a goofy picture.

It’s not a pose, though. She didn’t pose like that – you’ve clipped one frame out of a series of gestures.

Misrepresented her, in other words. I really had believed TAM operated on a higher level of intellectual honesty; this doesn’t meet that standard.

They’re just pictures. Kind of like a Rorschach test.

No, they’re not. They’re pictures of a woman you’ve misrepresented to look goofy.


Plus, I didn’t say anything. They’re just pictures.

…Riiiiiiiight. C’mon, Sean, i thought conservatives were all about “personal responsibility.” Don’t even try to back off and pretend you weren’t playing “contrast the sensible conservative with the loony lefty.”


I have my opinions but here I’m going all minimal and letting the pictures speak for themselves. The reaction has been entertaining.


I do love how the Liberals love the idea of bipartisanship when they are in charge after being obstructionists for the last 6 years

I intend to act like the left did while we were in power every thing they want to do is a bad idea even before I hear it and Chet the reason I wont get out of the way is the only answer your side ever has is to raise my taxes and give my money to people who do not deserve it. Its your sides turn to where the bullseye


Crimminy, one picture causes this much whining from the left? It’s a bloomin’ picture, it’s Sean’s blog, and he can post anything he pleases. Nothing ever changes, does it.


Oh, come on, Chris. The way you write it’s pretty clear that you don’t even make enough to pay taxes. You probably benefit from government entitlements more than anybody else here.


Hey Kate,

Nick was the first one to point out the post was unfair, and he’s a libertarian conservative, according to his blog.

Also, i’m flattered that apparently Chet and i constitute “the left.” I had no idea we spoke for millions of Americans.

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