Steve Kagen Might Be a Boor and Certainly is a Copycatter

by Sean Hackbarth

Charlie Sykes links to this report on Congressman Steve Kagen’s audacious behavior:

In the January 2007 edition of The Scene (, Representative Dr. Steve Kagen, M.D. (Democrat-Appleton) had some interesting things to say about his recent meetings in Washington, D.C. According to The Scene, Kagen confronted Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in one of The White House’s restrooms. Holding the bathroom door closed, Kagen told Rove, “You’re in The White House and you think (sic) your safe, huh? You recognize me? My name’s Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass.” At another point The Scene reports Kagen told Vice President Cheney, “Mr. Vice President, thank you for your service to the nation and thank you so much for coming to Green Bay and campaigning against me. I couldn’t have won without your help.”

When meeting President Bush The Scene reports that Kagen told Bush, “Mr. President thank you for coming to Green Bay. My name is Dr. Multimillionaire. That was before the race. Now they call me Doctor (sic) Thousandaire. I couldn’t have won without you coming.” The Scene also reports that Kagen purposely referred to Laura Bush as Barbara when he met her. According to The Scene Kagen stated when meeting the First Lady, “Hi Barbara, how are ya?” The Scene relayed that Kagen did this because Kagen learned “that the meanest thing you can say to another gentleman is he is a fine fellow and you then refer to his spouse by a different name.”

It’s too over-the-top even for a guy who admitted personally fighting terrorists was his strategy in the Islamist War. So I take the report with a wee bit of salt.

What I do know is his website is a duplicate of a Republican’s from Nebraska. A Kagen staffer did such a good job constituents from Wisconsin’s Eight Congressional District have to contact Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s office for flag requests and internship opportunities.

Will the Spice Boys be jumping this story?

Kagen Rips Off Nebraska Representative’s Website”

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6 Responses to “Steve Kagen Might Be a Boor and Certainly is a Copycatter”


When I Plagiarize…

. . . I certainly try to cover my tracks better than this. Maybe the page was set up by a Coast snob: “Wisconsin, Nebraska—what’s the difference? All flyover country to me.” All I can think is that they were……


The good people of the 8th who voted that idiot in should be so proud of themselves.


I am very embarrassed by this guy’s tantrum.

BTW, readers of the Scene would be proud of Dr. Kagen’s boorish barroom behavior. Just as Kos and the gang were proud of James Webb.


Green bay sure seems to have a love affair with idiot Congressmen…or at least, no one but idiots run for Congress there.

I mean, before that there was Mark Green (who i’m obviously no fan of), and before that there was Jay Johnson. A friggin’ LOCAL NEWS ANCHOR! Gimme a break! Ew ew ew.


Steve Kagen Might Be a Boor and Certainly is a Copycatter…

Looks like all the bluster of the campaign season was just that. The Donks presented a united front against the war and vowed to cut off the purse strings, to bring our troops home. Noe that they have been elected they are differing in points of view…


[...] Rep. Steve Kagen’s staff took some heat for not closely inspecting their boss’ new website. The templates got changed and things are hunky-dory. The same can’t be said for the cut-and-pasters on Rep. Harry Mitchell’s staff. If you’re a citizen of Arizona’s 5th Congressional District you need to contact Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s (R-NE) office for flag and internship requests. Embarrassing news doesn’t travel around Capitol Hill as fast as we think. [...]

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