Take Away the Congressmen’s Web Templates

by Sean Hackbarth

Congressman Steve Kagen got his website fixed. The text finally mentions the Democratic freshman instead of the Nebraska Republican Jeff Fortenberry. Let’s give Kagen a little bit of credit. The staffer who put together the website made it slightly less cookie-cutter than Fortenberry’s, Rep. Ron Lewis‘, Rep. Mazie Hirono’s, Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s and others [via the diamond mine]. But it resembles Rep. Tom Feeney’s.

It’s time to take away these Congressmen’s websites. They’re as interesting as the stuff they send out under their franking privilege. If they can’t make anything useful out of it, like say publish a weblog, give them one page with a telephone number to their offices and quit wasting staffers’ time.

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4 Responses to “Take Away the Congressmen’s Web Templates”


What do they do with all that money if they don’t end up running?


hopefully give it to their party’s candidate that is running? That might not be legal anymore though.


Here’s a Restriction on Free Speech…

. . . that I think we can all support. Does someone have a phone number for Senator McCain? I’m sure he’d be happy to help muzzle the lower house…….


Lately, Republicans have been using it to pay their legal bills.

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