Rudy Giuliani Gives Up Speaking Fees

by Sean Hackbarth

We know Rudy Giuliani is really, really serious about running for President. He’s giving up his six-figure speaking fees:

In the years since he left office, Giuliani has earned millions through his consulting firm, other business interests and his high-priced speaking appearances in the U.S. and elsewhere. But his business ties have come under scrutiny in recent weeks as Giuliani has made clear he was serious about running for president, recently declaring, “I’m in this to win.”

Given his campaign and potential conflicts of interest, Giuliani has started to divest himself from some business dealings. The move to cease his involvement on the lucrative speaking circuit is yet another indication of his strong desire to challenge top rivals Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, for the GOP presidential nomination. The three are considered the top tier of a crowded Republican field.

There is no prohibition against a presidential candidate’s accepting money for such speeches. But doing so would give Giuliani’s opponents fodder for criticism. Such speeches also would cut into time that Giuliani could spend campaigning in early presidential primary states.

After going through the meat grinder of Presidential politics Rudy might yearn for a private jet and those hefty speaking fees.

Ed Morrissey noticed Giuliani, the ardent Bush defender, put some distance between himself and the President on how the Iraq War has been waged.

Giuliani to Exit Speaking Circuit”

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