When Ann Coulter Didn’t Shriek

by Sean Hackbarth

Once upon a time Ann Coulter wasn’t constantly on the war path looking to sell books and Brand Ann. She could sound intelligent, firm, argumentative, yet reasonable. I’d like to see that Ann Coulter again.

[via Dave Kopel]

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One Response to “When Ann Coulter Didn’t Shriek”


It would be lovely to see the old Ann but, as you hinted, she has put selling books ahead of rational debate. There is no money to be made appearing on PBS, which if you read the transcript, is actually referenced. Oh, the irony.

At this point, respectable journalism will not touch her with a ten foot pole and, as such, there is no hope that we’ll ever see anything other than the persona she created. In that sense, she is the ultimate victim of her own “success”.

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