Thompson Talk with Gillespie

by Sean Hackbarth

News of Fred Thompson talking “politics in general” with GOP bigwig Ed Gillespie should have Thompson fans twittering with joy:

The actor and former Republican senator from Tennessee was spotted having lunch today at the see-and-be-seen Mayflower hotel restaurant with GOP Party guru Ed Gillespie, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee who has advised and groomed many a successful GOP candidate over the years.

Sources say Thompson, currently of “Law and Order” fame,” and Gillespie were locked in a serious conversation, even though they were repeatedly interrupted by conventioneer types – aka, real people – wanting to chat with the actor/politician. No one we spoke with heard the “P” word come out of Thompson’s mouth but it appeared the lunch was “intense,” according to one source.

Thompson wouldn’t be able to hire Gillespie, of Quinn Gillespie and Associates, since Gillespie is chairing the Republican Party of Virginia and, therefore, must remain neutral in the presidential primary. But Gillespie is a friend.

If I hear news/rumors of Thompson putting together a money team then we’ll know he’s really, really serious. That’s the big difference that separates him from the Big Three of Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.

Fred Thompson: More Than Flirting With Presidential Bid” [via memorandum]

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3 Responses to “Thompson Talk with Gillespie”


Of course, rumor has it that McCain is running out of money–that his fundraising isn’t keeping up with the “burn rate.”


That’s probably for a couple of reasons: A) the this-is-way-to-early start of the race, and B) McCain ’support’ is mostly a media-driven hallucination.

I have no doubt that the moment FThompson jumps in, he becomes the front runner. As we all have heard/seen/read every other current GOP offering has flaws that prevent bringing a willing majority of the party together. Certainly FThompson understands this and it may be he is just playing it; letting the Burn Rate burn.

RudyG is spending $$$ on radio ads yet he is permanantly persona non grata with probably half the GOP base. He’s not Da Man.

McCain is running all over the place like a skittish mouse gathering seeds, getting media but little else attention. He’s not Da Man.

Romney has all the $ in the world but is seen as too Edwards-like and will never be trusted by a majority of the GOP peeps. He’s not Da Man.

(Then there’s TTompson… heh!)

The spot for Da Man* is open. FThompson need ony step into it.

(*or Da Woman)


As we all have heard/seen/read every other current GOP offering has flaws that prevent bringing a willing majority of the party together.

And, Thompson? Republicans are just going to line up behind a Hollywood liberal who opposes tax cuts… why, exactly? Because they love to watch him drink on Law and Order?

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