Iraq War Funds May Suffer Democratic Delay

by Sean Hackbarth

Word is out final work on the Iraq emergency funding bill won’t be completed until 04.16, one after the Pentagon says it needs the funds to prevent cutbacks.

Tony Snow guaranteed the White House would pounce on the inability of Congress to do its job.

Sen. Patty Murray countered with the childish Republicans-did-it-too argument. Yes, previous GOP Congresses failed to get their budget bills out in a reasonable time and smashed them into giant omnibus bills loaded with pork hidden inside those gigantic numbers. That was unacceptable for a governing party. However, last fall, I thought the Democrats ran on being the competent party. Looks like Murray forgot that talking point.

“Spring Break May Delay War Funds

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2 Responses to “Iraq War Funds May Suffer Democratic Delay”


Selectively choosing quotes?

“Senate Democrats said they are sensitive to the need but were assuming a May 1, not April 15, deadline, based on information and testimony they received from Defense Department officials.

“Secretary Gates has changed his tune publicly a little,” the Senate Appropriations Committee spokesman, Tom Gavin, said Tuesday.”


Competence in government?

Come on, be serious.

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