My Big Announcement: TAM Bought by MySpace UPDATE: April Fools!!

by Sean Hackbarth

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Remember that “big announcement” I teased you with a few days ago? Well, here it is.

I also put it below the fold because it’s a bit long.

UPDATE: This was an April Fool’s joke. It’s not real. I’ve removed all contact information. Don’t contact Fox Interactive Media about this.


Pioneering political weblogger joins forces with Fox Interactive Media’s Growing MySpace Community

ALLENTON, Wis. and LOS ANGELES, Calif., Apri 1, 2007 – News Corporation’s Fox Interactive Media and blog publisher Sean Hackbarth today announced Hackbarth’s political blog The American Mind ( has been purchased for an undisclosed sum.

Fox Interactive Media will provide its MySpace blogging platform to Hackbarth to publish his political blog The American Mind along with the promotional opportunities to reach millions of MySpace users.

Along with continuing his cutting edge political commentary Hackbarth will consult with Fox Interactive Media and MySpace in building a vibrant political blogging community.

“Going pro is a webloggers dream,” said Hackbarth. “Starting in 1999 by hand coding and manually uploading my posts onto the web I didn’t imagine the blogosphere would become so important to politics. Now, I have the resources to go all Web 2.0 on politics and the blogosphere.”

“By consulting with Fox Interactive Media and MySpace my years of hands-on political communication and commentary will get millions of people interested and informed. I will be helping find new ways for Fox Interactive Media to become a force in the political blogosphere. Buying The American Mind is only a first step if I have any say in it,” said Hackbarth.

“This deal is the next step in our evolution as a significant interactive player,” said Ross Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive Media. “Forming a strategic partnership with a blogging pioneer like Sean allows us to expand our business, add to the vibrant political discussion on the internet, and position us for the excitement of the 2008 elections.”

“What Fox News Channel did for cable news Sean’s The American Mind blog will do for the internet,” continued Levinsohn. “We’ve plucked someone with tremendous experience, years of insight, and a passion for politics to inject MySpace with blogging gravitas.”

Hackbarth will begin publishing The American Mind on MySpace immediately. Relocation plans calls for Hackbarth to move to Des Moines, Iowa.

“The first Presidential caucuses are in Iowa. Candidates are running around begging for support. Des Moines isn’t the most exciting place, but I have to be where the action is. If it’s in the land of ethanol subsidies so be it. I’ll be there on the ground in the midst of the Presidential hoopla, ” said Hackbarth.

“Our purchase of The American Mind underscores News Corp’s continued evolution to become a powerful force in the digital media marketplace. To have come this far and gained such a vital, passionate voice like Sean’s is truly remarkable,” said Peter Chernin, President and Chief Operating Officer of News Corporation. “This is an exciting time in our history as a forward thinking media company. We’re jumping full bore into politics offering provocative commentary and the ability of our users to talk back.”

In addition to ( ), Fox Interactive Media properties that will benefit from the Google integration include top ranked online videogame and entertainment site IGN ( ), dynamic collegiate and pro sports network ( ), leading site for movie lovers ( ), popular men’s lifestyle site ( ); as well as ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ) and ( ).

About Fox Interactive Media:
A division of News Corp. (NWS and NWS.A), Fox Interactive Media (FIM) is an integrated network of sites offering socially rich media experiences centered on entertainment, news, information and self-expression. The company’s network includes Internet assets from News Corp., including the highly trafficked ( ), ( ) and ( ). FIM also owns and operates such category leaders as ( ), the number one social networking site on the Web; ( ), a dynamic collegiate and pro sports network; and IGN Entertainment ( ), a network of leading gaming and entertainment sites including men’s lifestyle site AskMen ( ) and premier destination for movie-goers Rotten Tomatoes ( ) among others.

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16 Responses to “My Big Announcement: TAM Bought by MySpace UPDATE: April Fools!!”


Does this mean we have to go to MySpace to find you, or will this URL still work?


Woah! Congratulations Sean! This is a huge step!

And just think, I knew him when he was a humble little blogger… Does this mean that Sean is buying at the next Drinking Right, or what?


American Mind Takes the Short Bus to Iowa…

Sean Hackbarth has announced that his blog has been bought ought by the folks who own to inject MySpace with some “gravitas” and that he would be moving to Des Moines, Iowa to cover the primaries. No word on whether his …



April FOOLS….


/me checks the calandar… Ohhhh Sean, you better not…



April Fools Joke – Good one!


Real Deal – Another great blog bites the dust. I hope this doesn’t mean you are following the Pajama’s model and eliminating all interesting content from your blog.



At least the Journtinel didn’t buy you out.


[...] Please head over to TAM to read the press release and congratulate a really good guy, Sean Hackbarth! [...]


Don’t you hate it when you go to so much effort and nobody even pretends to play along?


And here I thought you were going to tell us you were pregnant. I’m disappointed. :)


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[...] I almost forgot what day it is, until I read that Sean Hackbarth has sold his blog and Nick Schweitzer has run out of things to say. [...]


Yeah, since i managed to fool a ton of my friends two years ago with an April Fool’s prank that announced i was quitting the band and moving to Florida with my grad-school-bound then-girlfriend, it’d take more than a MySpace post to April Fool me. :) Well-written, though!


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