Tenet Has to Explain Himself about Explaining Himself

by Sean Hackbarth

George Tenet has plenty enough to do to finally explain how his CIA failed on so many intelligence fronts (the group of spies who missed the fall of the Soviet Union should be holding their heads in shame too) now he has to explain why he lied while passing the buck on Iraq.

George Tenet’s Imaginary Encounter…”

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3 Responses to “Tenet Has to Explain Himself about Explaining Himself”


Belling, doing Rush’s show, made a great point: Would Tenet have gotten $2million up front to do an I-Love-Bush book?

Not bloody likely.

That bit about Perle… very interesting, and very damaging.

Tenet’s book will be examined with a microscope. More “mistakes” will be found. And he will go on forever being the Elmer Fudd of the spy world.

Deservedly so.


No sympathy for the guy at all? For doing everything he could to please his bosses – except his moral duty as a human being?


None whatsoever. The guy was a putz under Clinton. He was a putz under Bush.

Bush’s very first mistake as prez was trying to play nice by keeping many Clinton hacks in place. Bush should have swept the entire CIA hierarchy out with the trash in ‘01.

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