In Praise of Good Beer

by Sean Hackbarth

When someone gets a little loony and thinks America is great because of Budweiser you’d expect me, a Wisconsin native, to rise to Miller beer’s defense. Uh, no. They have plenty of ad bucks to spend even if their most intelligent ads in years, the Man Laws, didn’t work. They don’t need me. Besides, I don’t like Miller Lite or Miller Genuine Draft. Neither are horrible so if someone hands me one I’ll drink it.

When I was in Arizona for Spring Training this year I voluntarily bought a Budweiser while watching an Angels-Royals game. It was only for research purposes. I wanted a closer look at their aluminum bottle-shaped cans. It tasted like Budweiser in a can, which is to say, not good.

My mass-produced beer of choice is Leinenkugel’s. They call themselves craft brewers and are sold mostly in the Midwest, but they’re owned by Miller and brewed in their giant breweries. But these beers are flavorful and full of body. Their taste doesn’t disappear moments after you swallow. You can’t go wrong with the original Leinies. It’s a good, crisp American lager. With summer it’s Berry Weis time. It has a unique berry taste–while still tasting like beer–that’s wonderful on a hot day. Creamy Dark looks intimidating, but it’s not heavy. The beer’s deep flavor is sophisticated yet drinkable.

My microbrews of choice come from the New Glarus Brewery. Spotted Cow is king. The yeast and barley make it so unique. The Uff-da Bock contains chocolate and coffee flavors that are wonderfully earthy. The flavors get more pronounced as the beer warms in the glass. The last sip is better than the first.

Those are two delicious sets of beers from my neck of the woods. Regional beers are everywhere. It’s the golden age of flavor. Try something new and local. So you can push that bottle of Bud to the side and drink something you’ll really enjoy.

“In Praise of Budweiser” [via Professor Bainbridge]

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6 Responses to “In Praise of Good Beer”


Sean, head to Comet Cafe on farwell sometime and order the Mad Cow. It’s a black & tan, but made with Guinness and Spotted Cow. It’s genius.

Thanks to a girl i was dating on and off for a while the past year, i’ve become a Miller High Life drinker. It’s cheap and it’s yummy, but when i feel the need to splurge, it’s Leine’s Honey Weiss or some Lakefront brews. The East Side Dark and Cattail Ale? Awesome. Have you taken the tour yet?


No tours. Must do that sometime.

Black & tan by someone who knows what they’re doing: genius.

Miller High Life has it’s place for me. It’s my beer of choice when I’m grilling brats. A few bottles go into the pot for the pre-boil and a few bottles go into my stomach while I’m grilling those sausages.



You pups like High Life?

I grew up on that stuff (ya know, back when The Age was 18). There’s always few in the basement fridge.

Want one?

No… wait. Here’s the ritual…

1)NO CANS ALLOWED!! Gotta be the slimneck, no-shoulder bottles.

2)Put each one in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before you pop the top to get it as cold as cold.
This just-about-freezing a High Life was officially named “Evercool” by my peers.

3)Don’t pour into a glass right away (or at all if you prefer) and don’t suck or gulp. For at least the first taste, just let that liquid gold flow over the tougue and down the throat. Easy, now.


Aw, man. On a hot hot day that first slider of an Evercool High Life is pure heaven.


High Life is drinkable. If someone hands me a bottle (definitely no cans) I’ll drink it. Like I said the only times I’ll buy it is if I’m grilling brats.

Super cold beer on a hot day is heaven on earth.


I prefer High Life in a bottle, but when your band is entertaining a fellow band from Boston who’s in town on tour, and your goal for the night is to consume 111 beers, the 30-pack of cans is just cheaper.


High Life and MGD are the same beer. The only difference is MGD is cold filtered while High Life is heat pasteurized. But before this point MGD and High Life are exactly the same beer.

That being said I prefer High Life if I have to drink a macro brew.

Of course, Spotted Cow is the best beer ever.

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