No Beer Ban for Brewers

by Sean Hackbarth

The Milwaukee Brewers decided to treat their players like adults and will continue allowing beer to be in the clubhouse:

Pitcher Chris Capuano, the Brewers’ representative to the players association, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that the decision was consistent with the way the club treats its players. “For the most part they treat us like adults. There’s no curfew on the road. You’re expected to handle yourself professionally,” he told the newspaper. “Guys are not going to sit in the clubhouse and drink four and five beers and then drive. We would never do anything like that. But it’s nice if a guy wants to have a beer after a game that the team is OK with it.”

Despite the team’s name I could have seen the team institute the ban. Baseball players today are more fit and health conscious. I can’t see Capuano or J.J. Hardy boozing it up after a game. Could you imagine if then-owner Bud Selig had brought up the ban with the 1982 team? With a wild man like Gorman Thomas on that team that idea would have been DOA.

“Brewers Won’t Enact Clubhouse Beer Ban

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