Fred Thompson Smacks Michael Moore

by Sean Hackbarth

Ed Morrissey loves a healthier-looking Fred Thompson responding to Michael Moore. Sure it’s a good smackdown and better than what we’ll hear at the GOP debate tonight. But do Thompson fans really want their dream candidate to be dressing down a hack documentary filmmaker? How Presidential is that?

Fred! Overshadows The Debate … Again”

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5 Responses to “Fred Thompson Smacks Michael Moore”


At least he has the spine to stand up to the likes of Michael Moore than some other conservatives who just tend to pander to the left these days.


If that’s all they got, that’s who you smack down.


Fred Thompson’s Video Response To Michael Moore…

Prospective Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson recently wrote an op-ed piece about the pathetically bad health care system in Cuba and addressed Michael Moore’s recent trip to Cuba (currently under investigation by the State Department for possib…


Works for me! But then, I’m easily amused. :)


[...] I remember a certain popular local blogger commenting about a certain video by a certain unannounced presidential candidate this week (with cigar) implying that it wasn’t very “Presidential”. [...]

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