Sicko Reviewed

by Sean Hackbarth

You no longer can watch Michael Moore’s Sicko for free so read Kyle Smith’s rampaging review. For a taste he calls out Moore on the “greatness” of the “Communist Paradise” that is Cuba:

In the Cuba section of “Sicko,” so many guys in white coats (don’t look at the camera, guys!) scurry around Moore’s patients listening to symptoms, peering at X-rays and firing up high-tech medical equipment that the scene seems to have been co-written by Groucho and Karl Marx. If Fidel himself gets this level of care, it’s no wonder the guy has outlasted nine presidents.

You can’t film anywhere in Castro’s Alcatraz without government say-so, meaning the whole scene was as phony as what happens when Frank Bruni walks into a four-star restaurant, and if there is a Michael Moore of Cuba, he is in jail right now. Reporters without Borders calls Cuba the world’s second biggest prison for journalists after China. But Moore solemnly reports Cuba’s official health statistics, which are of course a fiction dreamed up by El Presidente, because Moore’s motto is to trust no authority figure from cringing corporate spokesman on up to Washington windbags. Except dictators. Dictators, he’ll take your word for it. I expected Moore to protect himself with a thin coat of disclaimer, just a line to say, “Look, I know Cuba is actually a prison nation where nobody’s gotten a new car since Fredo betrayed Michael, but I’m just using this as an extreme example for ironic purposes.” Instead, his irony runs the other way: He plays scare music over an image of Castro to get a laugh. I say that again: he thinks the idea that Castro is evil is so obviously ridiculous that he says it sarcastically and expects you to giggle along. Moore calls Cuban health care among the best in the world. Nonsense. Cuba is short on everything from clean drinking water and aspirin on up.

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3 Responses to “Sicko Reviewed”


Gratz on missing the point completely. Moore’s not saying “Cuba is better than the US,” he’s saying “if even fucking Cuba has better health care than the United States, we’re really boned.”



You have missed Gratz’s point entirely. His point is that Moore has used the media of film to paint a picture that leads the viewer to falsehood. The only things in Moore’s films that Moore believes are his moral judgments; he *knows* that Cuban party elites get care that is quite good by world standards, and everyone else in Cuba gets a Third-World-Dog-Pound level of quality, but he has showed us only the very best of the Cuban system and the very worst of the American system because he wants to us to his appraisal of socialism and capitalism.

In a like manner, he *knows* that the bank in “Bowling for Columbine” does not really hand out guns in the bank itself, but he staged things to look like they did because he wants us to agree with his view that letting private citizens own guns is careless.


Slight type above:

“wants to us to” should be “wants to lead us to”

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