Ann Coulter School of Political “Discourse”

by Sean Hackbarth

AlGore’s son got busted for drug possession when pulled over for speeding. It’s news in that the son of a former Vice President got arrested, but that’s all there is. Al Gore III isn’t a public figure. He doesn’t make policy or engage in political debates. From all accounts he’s a screwed up young man. Because of that he should be left alone.

That’s not the only view.

Republicans should go after politicians’ kids just because Democrats do? If you abide by the Ann Coulter school of political “discourse” then the answer is “yes.”

Bithead asks,

If these are all right for attack, if these are all indications of failure of a republican philosophy, which is clearly the underlying charge when democrats point these things out, how is it out of bounds for Republicans to do the same?

Easy, we’re better than they are, or at least we should try to be better than our opponents are.

In Ann Coulter’s world wild bombthrowing is ok and encouraged because Leftist snarks do the same. That was her excuse for her quip about John Edwards being killed by terrorists. If it was ok for Bill Maher it was ok for Ann.

Brian at Iowa Voice offers this deal:

Fair enough, we won’t bring it up again…as long as the left agrees (and abides by that agreement) to do the same thing, too.

First, my behavior isn’t dictated by how the Left acts. I’m an independent human being who bases his actions on his own moral code.

Second, tit-for-tat doesn’t lead to victory.

Would it be just if Israel began engaging in sending suicide bombers into Gaza or the West Bank? According to tit-for-tat logic it’s ok because Palestinians had it coming. I think all the people I linked to would be horrified if Israel used the same brutal tactics as their terrorists enemies.

Bithead then uses one of the weakest arguments around, crying about fairness:

Further; Do we have any indication that if we were to stop pointing out the foibles of the families of Democrats, that they’d stop similarly attacking Republican families? You know we don’t. Sorry, they’re not getting a pass from me. Fair is fair, gird your loins, sucka.

I recall using a similar argument with my sister when I was 10: “I know you are, but what am I?”

Any conservative should immediately understand that life isn’t fair. We have limited means but unlimited desires. Our imperfect world cause our hearts to be broken and become disappointed or disillusioned. Smart grown-ups tell their kids, “Life isn’t fair.” Maturity is accepting that state of affairs while find ways to rise above it.

Tit-for-tat political squabbles with no underlying substance is unproductive political immaturity. Nothing results from it except hurt feelings and greater political polarization.

Since many conservatives seem to have a Ronald Reagan fetish let me ask: Would Reagan rip on AlGore’s kid? Being the imperfect parent he was the answer is no.

When I was older I learned a cliche that’s appropriate: “The ends justify the means.” I fear we’ve entered the age of total political war. Nothing is off limits. Bloody anyone and everyone in sight if it advances your political position. Sure, you may end up winning, but what about the battlefield? We have to live in the scortched earth we create. I like political victories, but I don’t want to give up my soul in the process.

“Al Gore’s Kid Arrested Again for Driving while Polluted”

UPDATE: Jules Crittenden adds to the illogic:

Ed Morrissey wants us to leave Gore III alone. Tragic thing about pols, how their kids’ problems haunt them. Tragic for the kids. Here’s a deal. How about Gore II leaves us alone? It’s not like he’s president or a scientist or something. Well, OK, he is something.

I for sure want AlGore to leave me alone. But how does griping about his environmental extremism lead to picking on Al Gore III’s current legal trouble? A doesn’t connect to B unless AlGore’s kid has been running around writing books and making movies about how Man is destroying the planet.

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11 Responses to “Ann Coulter School of Political “Discourse””


“In Ann Coulter’s world wild bombthrowing”, since when has Ann Coulter ever thrown a wild bomb? The two recent remarsk which sent the left into a tizzy, both had a historical basis. With John Edwards and the homoexual remark, the left does believe in sending people to rehab for calling a homosexual a homosexual, as ABC did.

As for the death by jihad, remark, Bill Maher did make such a comment about the Vice President. Coulter does not make wild charges. The might infuriate the libs, but they not wild.


Easy, we’re better than they are, or at least we should try to be better than our opponents are.

Nonsense. Read further down the same para as you quoted, where I say clearly:
the fastest way to lose a war, is to announce to your enemy the weapons you will not use. With all that in mind, I have no worries whatsoever about picking up their own weapon and beating the snot out of them with it.

It’s about time we started using their weapons against them.


But can we at least call Al Gore a bad parent?

I mean, the kid should have gotten help when he was 19 during the first car incident in 2002. If memory serves, he was DUI at the time.

Al should be a mentor to his son, not galivanting the globe promoting Live Earth.


Going after a pol’s kid when they’re not part of the political debate makes no sense.

Is it ok for the Left to go after Ann Coulter’s dad for fathering such a loud-mouthed harpy? Should I attack Michael Moore’s brother (assuming he has one) for not scolding him over his cinematic propaganda?

Tit-for-tat doesn’t win theoretically or in reality. It’s a running-in-circles strategy that wastes energy. It’s a method of feel-goodism over substance. It makes the participants feel like they’re doing something when in reality nothing is being accomplished.

I’m not saying we should be soft on the Left. We must hold them accountable for their wrong-headed ideas and bad politics. That can be done in a tough, honest manner that doesn’t involve collateral damage.

The Left ignores common decency. I hope the Right doesn’t follow them into the gutter.


But can we at least call Al Gore a bad parent?

Al Gore III is 24-years-old. He’s not a child. I hold him and not his father responsible for the life he’s lived.



What I’m saying is why should we take Al Gore serious as a father-figure and “Guardian of the Globe for all things Global Warming-related,” when he’s not even being true to his responsibility as a parent.

Rule One of Politics has always been and should always be “Leave the family out of it,” and it’s something that all of us should abide by; no matter what your political stripe.

I’m simply stating that it’s impossible to take a guy like Al Gore serious about ‘one’s moral responsibility to the planet,’ when he’s dropped the ball when it comes to his own son.

Gore’s facing enough of a PR nightmare by his son’s actions given “Live Earth’s” proximity. The Right should just enjoy the schadenfraude in that, and hope this time he gets the kid the help he appears to desperately needs.


Well, and I follow the link to Bithead without finding much substance there.

He rambles about some attacks on the Bush twins. I’ll assume he’s talking about the news reports of their antics in South America. The family members of a sitting President, rightly or not, are held to a higher stadard on the world stage.

Bithead also natters about “attacks” on Mary Cheney for being a lesbian. I do remember some chatter about Dick being a flaming hypocrite when asked if he was willing to extend to all homosexuals the tolerance he grants his daughter and her lover. I also remember MC being asked how she could act in support of her father given his medieval attitudes.

Neither one of these rise up to level of an attack. Bithead fails in his discussion of right-wing forebearance to mention the japes of Limbaugh about Chelsea Clinton’s appearance. That was fair game, to make fun of a gawky teen on a daily basis.

Keep digging, Sean. We’ve all got a lot of rising-above to be done.


The Left ignores common decency. I hope the Right doesn’t follow them into the gutter.

Hahaha. You realize i find this quote hilarious, right? The braying, loudmouthed branch of both sides have been slinging mud and lowering the discourse for years now. Take your own advice and quit trying to paint one side or another as having “started it.”


Bithead also natters about “attacks” on Mary Cheney for being a lesbian.

Additionally – Mary Cheney was also a public figure working in a public capacity in her father’s campaign. Not exactly an “innocent bystander” or something.

Personally? This is newsworthy; it should be reported. I’m not very worried about conservatives using it in their attack machine because the attacks are pretty specious. Al Gore III’s drug problem doesn’t have anything at all to do with the science of global warming.


There’s a point at which all of this protecting of our attackers goes well beyond nobility, into the field of the “politically correct”.

I consider that PC is probably among the most destructive forces America has faced recently. What is it besides masochism that requires us as republicans to bring a knife to a gunfight?

Al Gore’s kid may not have anything to do with global warming, pastas use of a hybrid vehicle for his particular crime. However I submit to you that the illegal activities taken on by Gore’s Kid on a logical direct result of the values and attitudes passed on to him by his father and his father circle of friends. These are the values that those of Al Gore’s stripes are trying to get the rest of us to follow. G3 serves as a guidepost for what awaits us should we follow the value road his father prescribes.

One of the ways that we have the society express our disagreement with a set of values is making fun of the results of those kind of values. I suggest that’s precisely what’s going on here. Personally, I haven’t made fun of it all that much, because I consider to be too serious an issue. But that’s me.


I consider that PC is probably among the most destructive forces America has faced recently.

Wow, you’re an idiot. I can’t believe that there’s anybody who uses “politically correct” except in the deepest possible irony.

What conservatives consider being “PC”, to the rest of us reasonable people, means “don’t be an asshole.” Astounding that conservatives would be adamant about their right to be insulting without ever being insulted.

Where, exactly, are all these “attacks” from the Left that are being referenced? The politics of personal destruction is what conservatives do, not generally liberals.

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