I’m With Fred!

by Sean Hackbarth

Here’s my big announcement, and it has nothing to do with MySpace:

An incredible opportunity has been given to me. I couldn’t not take it. I’ve been hired as part of the web team for the Friends of Fred Thompson. I dropped everything and quickly moved to Washington, D.C. Work started last week with plenty to keep me busy as you can see with I’m With Fred 2.0.

Why did I choose Fred? I admit I’ve been critical of Thompson’s quasi-start. But I think I’ve been critical (and fair) to all the Republican candidates. What Fred Thompson offers is conservative leadership. He has the ability to communicate a vision of limited government that will keep the U.S. safe from our enemies and protect our political and economic liberties at home.

Many Republicans talk about the need for federalism. Few have explicated the idea as well as Thompson:

When you hold firm to the principles of federalism, there’s another advantage: our federal government can better carry out its own defining responsibilities – above all else, the security of our nation and the safety of our citizens. Sometimes I think that our leaders in Washington try to do so many things, in so many areas, that they lose sight of their basic responsibilities.

Ed Morrissey has called Fred the most policy-oriented, philosophical, “most engaged candidate on policy.” That’s more impressive with Rep. Ron Paul tossing around abstract libertarian constitutionalism.

There are plenty of good Republican candidates, but Fred Thompson has a presence and stature that says, “President.” I briefly met him and he’s as impressive yet personable as the Fredheads say he is. I have no doubt he would made a great President should he decide to run.

What does that mean for TAM? Well, I don’t know how much time I’ll have to weblog. Already I’m busy learning how to use the many tools available to get Fred’s message out online. This is also my first foray into a political operation so I will be learning the ins and outs and protocol of that too. When I do post material it won’t be anything about the inner workings of Friends of Fred Thompson. (Reporters, don’t think of me as a possible anonymous source. It isn’t going to happen.) Do expect me to push new commentaries and speeches Fred gives.

As for other GOP candidates if I do post on them–which will probably be rare–I’ll have a disclaimer noting I’m working for Friends of Fred Thompson. I have to respect my new employer while respecting the audience I’ve spent years building. I think I’ll be safe commenting generally about Presidential topics like the YouTube debate debate. If there’s a problem I’ll remain silent.

I should still be free to talk about sports (my Brewers), books, culture, and many news events that catch my eye. Life in D.C. could also be an interesting subject when I get time to explore.

For many years I’ve wanted to try my chances in D.C. Now, I have it working for a man who would make a great leader.

Wish me well down my new path and consider supporting Fred Thompson and donating to his effort.

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32 Responses to “I’m With Fred!”


Well I’ll be…I WAS RIGHT……

Congratulations, Sean, what a monumental opportunity you have there. As a Network Administrator myself, I am EXTREMELY envious (maybe even a bit jealous…..

But, I’ll fight the fight for Fred here….already have my new crop of “I’m With Fred” bumper stickers ready to hand out….

Again, congratulations…..


[...] Sean Hackbarth of “The American Mind” has been given a TREMENDOUS opportunity with the Fred Thompson web team. [...]


Congratulations, Sean. Enjoy the campaigning. Learn all you can and never burn a bridge.


Hey sean…maybe you can set up a web page to raise money for Jeri so she can pay off those judgements against her.


[...] Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind (one the very, very early blogs) has joined the Fred Thompson team. [...]


Fred Thompson as a champion of federalism? You can’t be serious — he was a DC lobbyist for 20 years on either side of his Senate career! Expanding the size of the federal government needlessly for his clients…

I’m voting for Ron Paul.


Cool! And congrats! :)


Congratulations, Sean. Best of luck in the new job and don’t forget to write. :)


Congrats… we’ll miss you drinking around here. Try not to screw it up too badly huh? ;)


[...] The full article is HERE   .   Well done TAM, and good luck! [...]


Congrats, man. ;)


Best of luck Sean, and congratulations! That’s a tremendous opportunity. You won’t be converting me over to Fred’s side but i’m thrilled for you regardless.


[...] Sean Hackbarth: I’m With Fred!   [link] [...]


Congrats Sean! Fred 2.0 looks great. All the best to you guys, keep up the good work! :)


Very cool. Congratulations to you!


Congratulations. But it does explain why Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney.

I expect lotsa of inside tips.


Congrats! I hope you like this new job, sounds exciting!


Congrats and good luck, Sean. Although I’m a little disappointed you didn’t work in the L&O “Duh-Duh” sound file into the announcement.

May God help Washington D.C.-first we send Kevin, now Sean. The town may never be the same.


[...] The Cheddar invasion of DC continues with Sean Hackbarth’s acceptance of a job on Team Fred. Outstanding. [...]


Lost in this:
….hot damn, Pete nailed it.


Right on! Right on, right on, right on.


Congrats and I wish both you and Fred well.

Good Luck


[...] 7th, 2007 · No Comments Good luck to Sean Hackbarth, as he heads to Washington, D.C. to work for the 44th president of theUnited States, Fred D. Thompson. An incredible opportunity has been given to me. I couldn’t not take it. I’ve been hired as part of the web team for the Friends of Fred Thompson. I dropped everything and quickly moved to Washington, D.C. Work started last week with plenty to keep me busy as you can see with I’m With Fred 2.0. [...]


Congrats, Sean, it is a super opportunity. Good luck.


[...] Sean goes to Washington August 7th, 2007 — thoughtfulconservative Sean Hackbarth, who was blogging before some of us knew there was an Internet, will be part of the Friends of Fred Thompson team in Washington, DC (a tip of the ole conservative cap to stillUnreal although several other bloggers noted it also). [...]


[...] I’ve been saying for weeks that Fred Thompson has the best online team among Republican candidates (even though he’s not one yet). Today he added to that stellar team by bringing aboard Sean Hackbarth, who I got to know at CPAC on bloggers’ row. Sean has the details on the American Mind. I’m told he’ll be working directly for the campaign and not New Media Strategies, where Bill Beutler and Jon Henke are located.  Posted at 10:51 PM in Politics, Technology         Save to Del.icio.us         Share on Facebook [...]


Congratulations Sean. Maybe you can help Fred get elected, or at the very least, you’ll learn a lot you can write about. Have a GREAT time and don’t forget your friends when you make it big!


Atta boy, Sean. Best wishes.

Are you gonna say anything to Fred about his hair? (heh heh)

And no madams, o.k?


How funny that a Barack Obama add appears in your Google ads at TAM :) …gotta fix that, dude :)


Pete, if Barack wants to waste money by giving a little to me I won’t complain.


Way to go Sean, I guess we won’t be seeing you at the big bookstore in the sky this Christmas.




This is great news! Fred is slated to speak at Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit.

I sure hope to see you there.


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