Another Miller Marketing Miscue

by Sean Hackbarth

Miller Beer hasn’t been the same since it dropped it’s “Tastes Great! Less Filling!” theme a few decades ago. Since then rival Budweiser has dominated the American beer market. With the cleaver “Man Laws” commercials it seemed Miller had something going for them, but the sales didn’t match the ads’ entertainment value.

I bring this up because Miller’s marketing gurus have not feel for their market. They got hit hard for sponsoring the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco that had a leather fetish-inspired version of The Last Supper. Miller had their logo removed from the poster but gave Charlie Sykes a tepid non-apology apology. Now, we find out some parents think it’s perfectly find to take their toddlers to the sexually-drenched event.

I’m not questioning the street fair’s appropriateness. It’s way off in San Francisco where attitudes are way different. I’m questioning Miller’s namby-pamby, wimpy defense. Either stand up for yourself and accept the criticism or back down all the way and apologize to your concerned customers.

Miller Lite-Approved: Toddlers at the Folsom Street Fair”

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2 Responses to “Another Miller Marketing Miscue”



People are upset about THAT? That photo? Cripes. That’s nothing. Oh, the poor, put-upon Catholic League.


Personally, I think Bud is swill and Miller little better…so neither of them get any of my money.

OH! You’re talking about the ads, not the beer. Well, both of them are swill, then. ;)

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