No Amnesty

by Sean Hackbarth

Fred has a new ad on securing our borders:

Disclaimer: I work for Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.

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3 Responses to “No Amnesty”


Look, I like Thompson, but he is going to have to start to be more specific when doing stuff like this if he wants to break out.

This folksy ad tells John Q. Public nothing.

100% of conservatives already agree with “Protect the Border/Enforce the Law”. Sheesh. That’s been the mantra for years. We know what it means. And virtually every other Rep candidtate has stated the same thing.

But J.Q.P. is not going to understand/appreciate just how Thompson (or anyone) is going to get the job done with generalized (and useless, imo) commercials like these.


MjM, Fred’s plan in on his website. It’s a little too big to fit into a 30-second ad. And he’s gotten specific and serious enough to impress National Review.


Wow. That guy is a real a-hole. I know he has to be to win the a-hole vote, but still… Your website is great at pointing out all of the reasons to not vote for Fred Thompson.

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