Fred Thompson’s First Iowa Mailer

by Sean Hackbarth

Here’s something for the really hardcore, political geeks. Fred’s first Iowa mailer.

Much talk is about campaigns’ tv commercials but in Iowa mailers are very important.

Disclaimer: I work for Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.

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7 Responses to “Fred Thompson’s First Iowa Mailer”


They Said It: Thompson Social Security Plan Applauded as ‘Courageous,’ ‘Honest,’ and ‘Substantive’

Courage & Honesty

Republican presidential contender Fred Thompson’s plan to save Social Security and protect seniors, which he introduced Friday afternoon in a Washington, D.C., hotel, differs starkly from standard election year pablum on the subject in one key way: He’s actually treating voters like adults. (ABC, 11/9)

Thompson…is seeking to show he is willing to take on tough issues if elected in November 2008, telling a news conference in Washington he was the only candidate to offer an extensive Social Security plan. (Reuters, 11/10)

“You certainly have to admire his courage for putting this out,” said Alan Viard with the American Enterprise Institute. (Tennessean, 11/10)

Supporters contend that Thompson’s willingness to take on the so-called third rail of politics will impress voters. (Bloomberg, 11/10)

Conservative economic experts applauded Thompson for offering specifics on an issue considered to be politically dangerous. (Tennessean, 11/10)

“He’s not afraid to be brutally honest with the American people about the challenges that lie ahead,” said Representative Zach Wamp, a Tennessee Republican who is working to recruit supporters for Thompson. “People can tell the difference between a strong leader telling the truth and a weak leader talking politics.” (Bloomberg, 11/10)


[Thompson is] the first candidate of either party to offer a detailed proposal to fix the nation’s retirement system. (WP, 11/10)

The Republican candidate laid out a detailed, four-page proposal (WSJ, 11/10)

Mr. Thompson’s plan…was more specific than what the Bush White House put on the table when it sought to overhaul the system. It also varied substantially from the traditional conservative approach of focusing primarily on personal investment accounts. (NYT, 11/10)

Economist Jason Furman said Thompson deserves credit for offering a detailed plan to address the projected Social Security shortfall…(Bloomberg, 11/10)

In discussing policy, Thompson was in his element. (Politico, 11/9)

He’d prefer to talk about substance. (Politico, 11/9)

Thompson’s plan draws on ideas favored by conservatives: a reduction in benefits, rather than an increase in payroll taxes; and a shift toward private accounts, rather than government-provided payments. (WP, 11/10)


[Thompson] ventured Friday into an area few rivals have tread: advocacy of a fundamental overhaul of Social Security. (WSJ, 11/10)

Although all of the presidential candidates have spoken, when asked, about the need to fix the Social Security system, none has offered such a detailed plan nor talked so eagerly and often about the issue. (WSJ, 11/10)

Among Republicans, former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney have talked in general terms … but none has offered a specific plan. (WP, 11/10)

Mr. Thompson is the only one of the Republicans running for the White House who has made Social Security a central theme of his campaign. (NYT, 11/10)

He is the only presidential candidate so far to make Social Security an anchor of his campaign. (WSJ, 11/10)

But with less than two months before the 2008 voting begins, candidates have generally been reluctant to confront the Social Security issue. (WP, 11/10)


Saving and Protecting Social Security
A Plan to Ensure Retirement Security for All Americans


Looks good — sharp and professional. Right to life, immigration, and tax reform are key topics for Iowans.


Good topics to run on. Agreed.

The trick for Thompson will be for a senator of no visible accomplishments to convice Iowa caucus voters there there is something other than air behind the words in the brochure.

It seems foolish to me Senator Thompson has chosen to run on three hot-button topics where he the second best behind Ron Paul.

Who has introduced legislation to strip abortion from the jurisdiction of the federal courts as per article 3 section 2 of the Constitution? RP

Who has consistenly and for a longer time voted against amnesty for illegals and for securing and defending the US borders? RP

Who has proposed and worked to abolish the IRS and reduce governement budgets to the 2001 spending levels needed to cover the 26.5% less revenue? RP

It will be interesting to see if this trioka works for him in Iowa.


For a weblog that is allegedly about “politics, economics, books and culture” you sure partake in a lot of Fred Thompson hand-jobbery. You must really think that guys is alright. Weird.


The discalimer repeated on the site is honest and plain:

Disclaimer: I work for Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.

Just because he works for Fred Thompson doesn’t mean his statements about Thompson are false. As long as the conflict is upfront and clear, the only questions to consider is bias (selection) of the content and truthfulness of the content.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one. H.L Menkin


Since you work for Fred. So many of us on the Glenn Beck Insiders Forum are big supporters of Fred. PLEASE ask him to come on Glenn’s Show or to call Glenn and talk to him on the radio. PLEASE!!!! we want so much to have Fred tell Glenn why Glenn should support Fred.


Oh, I didn’t realize you worked for FT. That explains it.

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