Paul Mailer Ignores War Opposition

by Sean Hackbarth

Jonathan Martin posted a mailing Rep. Ron Paul sent to South Carolina voters. What’s missing is the number one reason he’s resonated with disaffected voters:

Ron Paul is sending a defense and veterans-focused mail piece into South Carolina homes that doesn’t mention the chief calling card of his campaign — his opposition to the Iraq war.

In fact, the piece touts at the top that Paul “Pushed for an official Declaration of War with Iraq.”

Now this is true, but he did so only because he takes a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

This is the only mention of Iraq, though, so it may leave a South Carolina voter who is uninformed about Paul’s anti-war views to think he merely wanted a congressional green light to topple Saddam and was fully on board with shock-and-awe.

That’s pretty cynical coming from someone who thinks he’s leading a revolution and talking straight with the people.

It’s certainly more politically astute than shouting down Rudy Giuliani. [via Q&O]

Ron Paul: Just Another Pol?”

Disclaimer: I work for Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.

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