Fred Thompson Kicks Off Iowa Bus Tour

by Sean Hackbarth

Fred had a good start in Dubuque to his Iowa bus tour [via memeorandum]:

Fred D. Thompson kicked off his bus tour of Iowa on Monday night in this town on the bank of the Mississippi River, and he seemed to have taken to heart the wide criticism of his low-key efforts at campaigning.

His voice booming and words wry and fiery, Mr. Thompson’s appearance on this night – the first of this 15-day tour that will take a brief break for Christmas – was suggestive of, dare we say, someone who actually wants to win the nomination and the presidency.

“I don’t take myself too seriously, but I take what I’m doing very very seriously,” Mr. Thompson said, attempting to head off more doubts about his candidacy. “That’s why we’ll be going around the state, talking about our country.”

There are some clips from last night on the Fred File. Check back there until the Iowa Caucuses for on the road reports.

Disclaimer: I work for Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc.

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