Hillary’s Sort-of Christmas Ad

by Sean Hackbarth

This ad (I won’t even bother using the Christmas or “holiday” adjective) is typical Leftism. It’s politically correct by not mentioning Christmas–don’t want to offend anyone–and it’s about how Sen. Clinton will give people stuff. That’s easy to do when it isn’t her money. Bryan Preston says it well:

All of the gifts are funded in one way or another with your money. And she’s portraying herself as a thoughtful gift-giver by taking your money and giving it back to you in the form of expensive government programs, some or all of which you might not actually want or need. If that doesn’t typify liberal thinking, I don’t know what does.

Jon Ham gets snarky:

Now, if she were really in the Christmas giving spirit she’d talk Bill into releasing those 2,600 pages of documents from the Clinton Library.

It should have been titled: “Next Christmas, Hold on to Your Wallet.”

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4 Responses to “Hillary’s Sort-of Christmas Ad”


Someone ought to tell her that good things come in small packages.


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Like iPod nanos.


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