Fred Thompson Leaves Race

by Sean Hackbarth

I’m a free agent now.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney issued this statement:

Throughout this campaign, Fred Thompson brought a laudable focus to the challenges confronting our country and the solutions necessary to meet them. He stood for strong conservative ideas and believed strongly in the need to keep our conservative coalition together. Ann and I would like to extend our best wishes to Fred, Jeri and their family and congratulate them on their efforts during this campaign.

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42 Responses to “Fred Thompson Leaves Race”


Good luck, Sean. I know you worked awfully hard for Fred’s campaign.


You will land on your feet, Sean. Good luck.


That’s a bummer.


Anyone with half of your brains should snap you up, Sean- Whaddaya do now? Who’s the best of what’s left of the Republican candidates?


Wow, who could have seen that coming? Besides everybody, I mean, from the first day of Fred’s non-starter candidacy.

Well, I guess he can go back to his nap now.


One thing is for sure… he would have had to drop out sooner if you weren’t on the team.


Great job Sean! was a great daily read due to your diligence. Good luck!


Thanks for all your hard work, Sean. Best of luck to you in the future.


I’ll bookmark and add you to my blog. Not that I get much traffic there and it will probably drop quite a bit when I take down the Fred stuff but every little bit helps, right?


I am a Fredhead, and I enjoyed reading blogs atleast 20 times per day. I will miss Fred’s campaign, but I am hoping he is asked to join the Republican Nominee as VP. At this point I think Romney would be the most likely to pick him if he won. What do you think about Fred as possibly a VP?


Thank you Sean for your hard work.
Hope to see you soon somewhere on the conservative side
Please feel free to visit


Chet, those of us in misery do not need trolls such as yourself. Sean, you did a fine job with Fred08. Shame he dropped out. Damn that hurts. 20 year veteran, Viet Nam through Desert Storm, and I finally thought I’d have a really good President again. Here’s to hoping your efforts, and FRED!s, sent the message that it still isn’t over. If we can’t have the President we want, maybe we can get a decent congress out of this.


I’m so disappointed. There is no one left to support. Or worthy of support.


Sean thank you for the great job you did while with the Thompson campaign. Please pass on that he & his family are in the thoughts and prayers of many as they deal with his mother’s illness.


Thanks for your service to Fred, all his supporters, and the conservative cause. God bless you as move on to whatever is next for you!


Let’s hope Fred will end up as the VP. Not only would that bring some integrity to the White House, but it would set him up for a run afterward. set him up


Hi Sean. I know the feeling about drownding ones sorrows. I enjoyed your thoughts and post on Fred’s site. Great job. I will stick around here for awhile. There are some things I wish to ask you and talk about at a later date. Good luck.



just curious, sean, who do you see yourself voting for now? i plan on doing a write-in for fred, but what say you?


Fantastic job Sean. You kept this a campaign. I’m impressed by the power of a good web site in politics.


Fred was my choice, he was the true conservative. I will be hard pressed to find another candidate now as the others don’t seem to meet the qualifications Fred brings to the table. This is a sad day for us Reagan Conservatives. It is too bad America didn’t realize what a good thing she had. God bless Fred and God bless you Sean for what you have done.


I wish you all the best, Sean. I’m really going to miss the Fred site. Please keep it up for awhile longer – we need time there to mourn our loss. I’ve been reading all the postings there for many months before finally actively joining in only recently. You kept us well-informed and I hope to hear your opinions of other candidates soon. Best of luck to you!


Everyone has done a great job for Mr. Thompson.
We will be sitting this election out as we saw no better person to run our country. We wish he would have been able to hang on for the next few votes.
His mother as well as his family are in our prayers.
Maybe next time???


Sean, you did an awesome job keeping us posted on Fred’s campaign. Thank you and good luck in whatever you do.


I am really impressed with Thompson’s campaign. He stuck to issues. He did not enter into non-substantitive negative campaigning. Nor was he the target of any substantive criticism. He took the high road and deserves the respect of all of his opponents. (Not whiny “I could have won SC if Thompson hadn’t been in the race.”)

I am also impressed with the courage that it took for him to leave the race when he did. Obviously the campaign was not getting any traction, but he could have stayed in for reasons of pride or false hopes or manipulative gains. “You gotta know when to fold ‘em.” I think it will work to his advantage down the road…



You’ve been bookmarked, and duly noted.

Great job on Fred08, and I hope to sse you around.



iam sad,, but so thankfull for all your efforts and great updates.. we did believe in you and your campaign..everyone is just a little lost and ’sunk’. i know all the candidates are grining with all the ‘free’ votes out there, but their in for a surprise!.fred was very strong on ‘no amnesty’,,and straight on the ‘rules’ well that leaves romney..any thoughts? good luck,lets us know your feelings ..thanks again rj in tennessee


Thanks for your service Sean.
I’ll be writing him in anyways. He is the only choice I see, and since I live in CA where the Dems hold my vote hostage I might as well be heard choosing who I want.


Chet, those of us in misery do not need trolls such as yourself.

Drama much? The only “misery” you could possibly be in is the misery conservatives feel when engaged, informed citizens take part in the political process and select individuals to represent them on their merits and capacity as leaders, instead of on the basis of manufactured illusions of Reagan-ness.

Your guy lost. It’s not like he died; he simply didn’t represent the interests of the people he sought to represent. What’s there to be miserable about when democracy works?


Thanx for your grreat service Sean!!

So, OK this is what I’m doing later this morning. I live in Ohio, and we now vote by paper ballot. I’m guessing they are already printed. I’m going to our local Election Board and find out if Freds’ name will appear on that ballot. If it is, and if Fred does not request the Ohio Secretary of State to remove his name, I believe by the end of the day of February 4th, a vote for Fred will be counted. I will put out my yard signs I have and the bumper sticker with one variation. I will place a new sticker with them that says “Draft.” Perhaps enough delegates can be assembled to have a brokered convention, with Fred holding some clout. Get some ‘Conservative’ planks in the platform, perhaps, Fred will be offered VP spot. Hell, who knows, the Number 1 spot is always possible. With Freds’ name off the Republican list, all I see is a bunch of RINO’s and a Libertarian. So, If I would not be able to vote for Fred in March, I will switch to the Democrat ticket and vote for Obama ( in March only, mind you.) Just a thought going thru my mind at 2 AM.


Thank you


Chet has too much time on his hands.

Thanks for your hard work, Sean. I still think if Fred had been able to stick around til the 5th, when the real Republicans finally had a chance to vote, he’d have come out shining – but I can understand that there may be many things in the background of his decision that we do not know about and may not ever know about. Fred’s a private citizen again now, and I respect his family’s privacy. I at least have the satisfaction of having voted for him and had him as my Senator when I lived in TN.
Best of luck.


Thanks so much for your hard work on Thompson’s blog. It was helpful in getting the message out as well as being entertaining. I was hoping that you would continue blogging and have added your feed to my google reader.



Looks like a lot of us followed you here. Good luck man. Will you keep us posted here on anything exciting, or even mildly interesting that happens?


Great job at Fred08. Looking forward to your next endeavor. Will check in frequently. Let me know if I can ever help.



I was interested in Fred, but landed on Romney – I would LOVE to see a Romney-Thompson ticket!


I appreciate all your hard Sean. Good job!!


Sean, do you think Fred would sanction write-in votes for him?


Sean, thanks for your efforts with Fred. I hope when he runs in 2012 (assuming he’s not our next VP) you can be on the team again.


Chet, can you promise not to be miserable when the democratic nominee loses the presidency once again in November?


Thanks for your incredible work Sean! The entire team did a fabulous job…it just wasn’t meant to be right now.

The WORST thing that we conservative Republicans could do now is to NOT VOTE. WE MUST SEE THAT A REPUBLICAN IS ELECTED IN NOVEMBER!!!! Sometimes you just have to pick the candidate who will do some good (ie. Romney with the economy)and who will NOT do damage in other areas (ie. Huckabee and McCain on taxes, immigration).

And a Romney/Thompson ticket would be the winning ticket. THEY COULD BEAT ANY DEMOCRATIC TICKET.

Romney has the ‘charisma’ and fire to beat either Hilary or Obama…can’t say the same about any of the other contenders.


Chet, can you promise not to be miserable when the democratic nominee loses the presidency once again in November?

With the clown-car’s worth of candidates the GOP was able to muster, there’s little chance that they’ll lose, except by election cheating again.

Pin your hopes on Romney, I guess, please do, since that guarantees a Democratic victory in 2008.



Good luck finding a new gig quickly!



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