It’s Over

by Sean Hackbarth

The Fred Thompson campaign is over.

I’ve received a number of e-mails about starting up a write-in campaign. While I understand the passion it’s misguided energy. If Fred didn’t do better than third when he was in the race do you really expect him to do better as a write-in? That doesn’t make any sense.

Our candidate is gone, but the conservative ideas he advanced aren’t. When it comes time to vote in your primary or caucus you need to pick the man who you think will best represent conservative values as the Republican nominee. None of them are as good as Fred. Voting doesn’t mean you have to actively work for Mitt or John or Rudy or Mike. You can spend your time helping state and local conservatives get elected.

I haven’t endorsed anyone, and I don’t know if I will.

What I hope you don’t do is throw your hands up and quit. Fred inspired many. I know he’ll want us to “stand strong” and fight for the “First Principles” that has made America great for so long.

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23 Responses to “It’s Over”


I agree with you Sean. And I’ve already had the chance to vote for Fred once so I can always say “Don’t blame me, I voted for Fred.” LOL

I just feel that the farther left the Democratic party goes, the Republican party is sliding more to the center, to make up for it. This leaves us on the right out in the cold.


Great job on Fred08, Sean.

The whining, fingerpointing, armchair quarterbacking, and outright bitterness that has come out since Fred dropped out of the race has been disappointing. Apparently some Fredheads did not recognize the very most fundamental reason to support Fred: that he is prototype of the American individual–an independent, strong-willed iconoclast. He did not quit; rather, I presume he recognized that he had reached the point of diminishing returns and it was time to shift his focus in a more productive direction. He was not going to continue marching to the beat of a drum that did not work for him just because it was expected of him.

We have to respect Fred’s decision and take him at his word and move on ourselves. He is not a sheep, and neither should his admirers be like sheep. If we are true Fredheads, if we mean to live the ideal not just be a fan of it, we need to find our own ways forward.


I too have already voted for Fred (Michigan), so it wasn’t my fault! I encourage everyone to vote in their states primaries/caucuses. But instead of writing in Fred, vote uncommited. Fred was getting around 15% of the vote in the states he competed in. Imagine if 15% of the delegates are uncommited at the convention? That would make sure that conservatives have a voice at it and that the GOP would not move further left. Any talk of 3rd parties is folly. Wait till Dec. If then, after the election the GOP has left us, then we can think about going somewhere else/starting a Conservative Party etc…. To do it now, just looks like sour grapes and is only going to help the Dems.
Besides, if say Mitt wins the nomination, his weak spot is international affairs. Someone like Fred would be the perfect VP candidate. I could vote for that ticket. Mitt is very good on teh economy, and Fred would be there to remind him of the constitution and help with defense.


On Real Clear Politics today, there is a story “Who said Freddy’s dead?”, it is about a brokered convention and what happens-ref Harding. Go read.


Rich, I voted in Michigan too. We did our part for Fred and for conservatives in this country. Now it’s the GOP’s turn to step up. I’ve thought about a new party as well, but I think I agree than now is probably not the time. All it would do is split the vote and help Hill or Obama.

I think though, that if the GOP leaves us true conservatives out on our own, a good party move would be to ressurect the old Federalist party and set it up as a voice for those of us who still believe in the Constitution and Declaration and the Federalist Papers. Those guys knew what they were doing, and it’s no mistake that it’s lasted this long.

Someone needs to stand up, draw the line in the sand and do something to preserve these principles. I was hoping it was Fred. His philosophy is in the right place, but his heart just wasn’t in it.

If the GOP won’t do anything to stop this leftward slide, this country may slip further toward Socialism. Let’s give it some time and see where things go… it may not be too late. But I think that if this slide continues, it will be time for a major shake-up of things. A re-alignment. It’s been done before, successfully. No reason it couldn’t be done again.

For now, I’m content to sit back, keep a watchful eye on things… and hope beyond hope for a Romney / Thompson ticket.


Rich, can you post a link to that story on RCP?


Until Fred has more to say, there’s no reason to speak for him.

A Fred write-in records a vote for the conservative GOP platform in the ballot count.

“Uncommitted” records nothing specific in the ballot count, and without documented meaning would only go to the highest bidder at tally.

A vote for a RINO propels liberalism to supercede the conservative party platform.

McCain is anti-citizen Rule of Law;
Romney is fascistic government encroachment;
Huckabee is loathsome populism;

Though not Fred’s deck, Rudy places his cards on the table, and holds to his own clear line without further pandering like Romney or demoralizing like Huck or insulting citizens like McCain. Rudy negotiates more effectively for conservatism than McCain, and no other candidate has the national/international pull that Guilliani has earned.

Without Fred on the ticket, I am officially undecided though McCain and Huckabee will never get my vote. Being a native Arizonan and Texan now, there is NO WAY that I would vote for McCain even if Thompson were his running mate.


I appreciate this post! I was dismayed when I saw the number of commenters on the Fred File who stated they just wouldn’t/couldn’t vote since Senator Thompson’s withdrawal from the race. If that’s the case, we might as well hand the party over to the Democrats. (Shudder) I really wish Fred could be the next president, but now that he’s no longer running, I have a responsibility to vote for the best of those remaining.
I appreciate your commitment to the campaign, and look forward to browsing through your archives and reading future posts!

Grace and Peace,


I voted for Fred in Michigan. The whole primary/ caucus thing is a crock. I don’t think I can vote for any of the remaining candidates unless Fred was the VP.


I just feel that the farther left the Democratic party goes, the Republican party is sliding more to the center, to make up for it.

It’s interesting you say that, Chris. Standing over here on the left, what i saw during the entire 1990s and the first half of Bush’s presidency was a Republican party sliding so hard right that the Democrats became the party of moderates (which to those standing far on the right still looks liberal). Personally, i’m not so sure that the slide back to the left has really taken place in the Democratic Party. After all, Hillary Clinton is still a moderate, centrist, i’ll-be-whatever-gets-me-the-most-votes politician. She’s never been a liberal and never will be, no matter how the conservative media wants to paint her. The rookie class of the 2006 Midterms saw an influx of some genuine progressives, so maybe there’s been a shift back leftward (heh, i hope), but considering how do-nothing Congress has been lately, i’m hesitant to fully agree with you.


I voted for Fred in the upcoming Illinois primary on February 5. I agree that a write in campaign is misdirecting energy. But Sean, what exactly is the harm in voting for Fred in states where he is on the ballot? Wouldn’t it be a good thing for Fred to have more delegates going into the convention – particularly a brokered convention?

I’m not wasting my vote voting for Fred. I’m wasting my vote by voting for McCain, Huckabee or Giuliani.


I’ve already left these sentiments on one of the fred08 threads, but here it is again.

In the event none of the remaining GOP field gets a lock on the nomination, the decision will happen at a brokered convention. I believe the delegates Fred Thompson has already won give him a “ticket to the dance.” I’m also recommending that folks continue to vote for Fred in upcoming primaries to show support for his candidacy and give him the clout needed at convention.

For those who are disappointed and downhearted–

To reiterate Fred’s message during the campaign, “It’s not about me…..It’s not about you….It’s about our country….” The messenger has gone silent for now, but we must not allow the message of CONSERVATISM to go silent.


Frank May in St. Louis


I hope someday we’ll get a better answer from Fred on why he dropped out. His three line message to his supporters was pretty weak.

Huck’s numbers were starting to fall and there was yet to be a state primary that wasn’t an open one. That kills McCain. Lousiana went to Fred by virtue of the NRLA endorsement along with 45 delegates. That would have put him second hot on the heels of Romney going into Florida. It made for a strong possibility of a brokered convention. He gained 10 points in SC in 10 days…that is called momentum. It is only a matter of time before Huckabee falls off the map because of his liberal record. Fred was in great shape.

If it had to do with his mother he could have at least remained on the ballot…there was no compelling rush to pull out.

It seems like a meager effort from someone who says that we fight for our conservative principles and that they always prevail when they are communicated with the American people. Americans don’t give up that easily when the future of our country hangs in the balance as Senator Thompson said he believes.


I don’t feel like it’s over, yet! I strongly believe that a Romney/Thompson ticket is possible, so I will cast my vote for Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday in our primary. I cannot and will not vote for any of the other candidates running as Republicans. In my eyes, they are wolves in sheep clothing and I truly believe Romney/Thompson will be the next best ticket for Conservative Republicans.


Interesting possibility still available for Fred. Far fetched, but an interesting read anyway.

By the way, I’m backing Mitt now. Holding my nose while doing it, but McCain is a liberal loving weasel and is dangerous for our country. Don’t forget the “Gang of 14″, the Kennedy Amnesty, “Keeting(sp) 5″, McCain-Feingold, etc, etc.


If it ends up there is not a brokered convention and Romney wins, I will definately vote for him in the General election. HOWEVER, as far as the PRIMARIES go I feel if we are all truly commited to Fred’s principles, and hope to see these principles have some bearing on the future of America, we all must vote for Fred in every primary, even if we have to “write in” his name. If we can keep the vote split enough, maybe a brokered convention could happen. At the very least, it will send a very clear message to Fred and the American people he actually had more support than they thought. This in itself may reinforce the possibility of Fred being selected to run as VP, which would not only bring some integrity into the White House in January of 09, but would garner him the exposure needed for a Presidential run in 2012 or 2016. It would also send a message to the Republican party there are still many true conservatives left who will not stand idly by and watch our party be hijacked by moderate, liberal-leaning Republicans. Last but certainly not least, it would educate the MSM to the fact that even though they may be able to influence a campaign’s decision, it is truly we the people who will exercise our God given right guaranteed by the Constitution to make the final decision, to select who we feel is the best leader for our great country. To do otherwise in the PRIMARIES, such as “holding your nose and voting”, would be to betray your own beliefs, the very reasons you were so fired up for Fred.


FRED WON LOISIANIA!!!!!!!!!! Or it looks that way. Tuesday night, after he dropped out, LA had their delegate convention. The winner: Pro-Life, Pro Family, over McCain, Paul, Romney, Huckabee, and the rest.
If you state has Fred on the ballot, vote for him. If not vote uncommitted. I would love to see about 300 uncommitted delegates at teh convention. That would provide some degree of control over what is going to happen. Romney/Thompson would work. I could vote for that ticket.


Oh my !
Fred won Louisiana’s delegate convention ?!!
I was not politically involved before Fred, so when is LA’s primary ?….or is that the same thing in Louisiana ?

I Sooo wish Fred hadn’t left when he did….but I think it’s important to pick another candidate to back….rather than write in Fred.
However, I’m almost still on the fence about this.

My main objective remains the same.
Anyone But Hillary (or any other Dem)

For now, Romney is the one I’m considering supporting.


Sean, I think this puts you in a unique, best place to continue commenting. I look forward to your thoughtful posts. As someone said, 08 has a long way to go.


Folks, it’s not going to do any good by writing Fred’s name in the ballot. We need to consolidate our efforts and elect the person who is the most aligned with Fred. That would be Mitt Romney. Now, before you say no, just listen to why I believe that.

He is Pro-life, he supports the 2nd Amendment Rights, he has a fairly strong illegal immigration policy, he has a decent healthcare policy.

Please, I beg you! We can’t afford for Hillary, Obama, Huckster, McCain to get into office. We have too much to lose if that happens. Our best defense is a strong offense, and right now we need to do what is right! We can always clean up the GOP after we maintain control. Folks, live to fight another battle, don’t give it away because we feel deflated or disappointed. Fred said it best: “It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about OUR country. Stand Strong for what you believe in! Stand Strong! Stand Strong!” Can’t you see what he’s telling you? Believe in yourselves to make the right decision. Believe in our principles and our hopes that we can carry out those philosophies to take this country back to the top of the mountain! Stand Strong my friends!


It’s my vote, I’ll spend it the way I want to with my heart even thought my head says it’s a waste of time. I’ve always rooted for the underdog and I will continue to do so.

That said, this looks more promising.

I hope it’s accurate if not, oh well, one can hope and pray.


Misguided? I don’t think so, here in Liberal Connecticut McCain has a 20 pt. lead over the nearest competitor. I’ll still be voting for Fred in the primary, just my way of showing my disdain for the other candidates.

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