What About Mitt?

by Sean Hackbarth

I see there’s talk about following my lead if I endorse Mitt Romney. Well, first I haven’t endorsed anyone. Yesterday was my official last day on the campaign. I’m still catching my breath. I’ve thought a little about what GOP candidate I’ll vote for, but that’s different than endorsing.

Second, most of you probably don’t know that last summer I was talking with the Romney campaign about working for them in Boston. That didn’t pan out, and soon after the opportunity to work with Fred Thompson fell into my lap.

Since I saw Romney at the 2007 CPAC he’s struck me as looking the part of a President. He has an executive background, was a governor, and accomplished a few things. Mitt’s problem is his conversion to conservatism. Supporting Romney is about how much you think his conversion is real.

Florida won’t save Rudy Giuliani’s big state strategy so the race is down to Sen. John McCain and Mitt. With McCain we all know about his past of betraying conservatives (voting against the Bush tax cuts, allowing rumors to float around about him changing parties, etc.). With Mitt he hasn’t betrayed conservatives because he hasn’t been one long enough.

In defense of McCain let me say I love his tough talk about winning the Islamist War. He won’t bail out of Iraq. For me that’s a huge issue. Most of the other issues don’t matter if the United States isn’t secure. So if McCain becomes the nominee I will vote for him and find other ways to combat his unconservative tendencies.

A 2012 Romney campaign would be much stronger. Mitt would have four more years as a conservative leader. But this is 2008, and we have to decide if Mitt is the real deal. I’m working that out in my mind.

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19 Responses to “What About Mitt?”


I am not supporting any of these guys. I will wait till the convention. Michigan already had our primary, I voted Fred, state went Mitt, so there is no reason for me to get involved with anyone. I will wait till the convention, see who teh VP is, then decide. I am not as scared as some about what happens if a Dem is elected. Fact is, unless there are 60+ Dem Senators, nothing to wacky can get passed anyway. You have to have 60 votes in the senate for closeur. That is what McCain stood in the way of. So I will wait. Maybe no one wins enough delegates to become the nominee. If that is the case, we could end up with a ticket of “Non-of-the-above”. Wouldn’t that be fun!
Sean, one of the things I want to talk to you about is 2012. This is something we have plenty of time to focus on. Who do we conservative/federalists go to for a 2012 run if the Dems win the WH? There are several good names that i can come up with: Santorum (my favorite) Allen, Watts, Delay, etc…… The ACU gives out rating for memebers of congress, to judge their conservative records. Does anyone do that for govenors?


You’re right about Romney and McCain. McCain would be the lesser-of-two-evils candidate if nominated and it all depends on whether or not you believe Romney is a full-fledged conservative (I’m not sure either, which is why I haven’t thrown my support to Romney as of yet).

Giuliani, however, I wouldn’t rule out right away. His strategy might not work, but then again, it might.

By the way, I’d like to thank you for your efforts with Fred Thompson’s campaign. I was a Friend of Fred myself for almost four weeks and wish he had fared better, but it’s all for the best. Good luck to you.



Thanks for the job you did but after hearing what Fred Thompson said to the Founders at there conference call yesterday: I will say this only once because I was a supporter going back to May 07 and I know about the Founders now that said. Fred had a conference call yesterday with all of the Founders.

1. McCain offered him VP or cabinet position He (Fred Thompson) said NO.

2. He did not want a brokered convention or to have a number 2 spot.

3. He said he has a busy life to return to and doesn’t need a government job.

I guess that sums it all up though I am still wondering if the MSM was right about the “Fire in the Belly” thing, it sure sounds and acts, no pun intended, like it.

As a politician once said to me “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.”

See you around and as a Vietnam Vet 67/68 I will be sitting this one out and looking towards retirement. You and the future generations will have to look out for that “Mushroom Coud”………



I think too many people are forgetting that Romney is the one that put up the Faux Fred Website here in SC. The fact is, every candidate still running has done something shady against Fred and/or FredHeads.

Also, I find it hard for any true conservative to say that any of the GOP candidates still running are anything but RINOs. It is clear to me that the RNC is outside of its tradional values and either need radical reform or conservatives to depart from it — I haven’t decided which is the best moved yet.


Like many I will vote if possible, for Fred in the primaries or write him in. Regardless of who is left standing one can’t really be sure of what we will get. I believe each will be strong militarily and each will appoint good judges. Other than that what we get we really don’t know.

By the way if I understand correctly, this hire by McCain too place in November.



I’m no Mitt fan, but next to Hillary, McCain is the most dangerous candidate (for America and the GOP) currently in the running. One of the most powerful tools a president has to either protect or destroy the constitution is the appointment of judiciary. Remember McCain’s “Gang of 14″ blocking the Republicans abilities for Bush appointments. If you’re not afraid a Dem president because there are not 60 Dems in the Senate to give to the loony left ideas, then you’re forgetting that McCain regularly would “reach across the aisle” to give the loony left exactly what they want and has been in Washington long enough to manipulate at least 10 (or more) Republican senators to back a crazy Dem idea. It’s bad enough this guy is senator, but he has the political clout of LBJ to manipulate senators and as president could and would (speaking from his record) do irreparable damage to our country. Don’t forget he (even before Huckabee) said we should close Guantanamo and give Habeus Corpus rights to the terrorists. McCain is one ingredient recipe for disaster.


I’m going to actively support Romney rather than allowing McLame to win. Of course,I voted for FRED in the SC primary and would continue to support FRED in given the option but, can’t let McLame win.


Since Fred is out of the race, I think it would be somewhat foolish to forget this years election and start looking four years out. If we don’t stand behind the next best candidate we have and let McLame become the GOP candidate, we will be trying to unseat an incumbent democrat in 2012.

I, for one, am going to actively support Romney.

Here are a couple of good arguments for him that may be of interest:



I was registerd on the Romney site until Fred joined the race. I recieved negatives about Fred before he was in the race… then heard Romney’s campaign people say that was not true. I don’t think Romney can be as “nice” as he wants us to believe or with all the money he has spent and all the campaigning he has done he should be #1 everywhere. I did get to vote for Fred in Michigan. The MSM had Fred dead before he got there. If they had said as many nice things before he quit as they did after he quit things might have been different. Maybe this country deserves a Democrat in the White house. I am sick and tired of voting against someone. Romney is no Reagan.


I almost did a spit take when I read “Mitt would have four more years as a conservative leader”…

I suppose he could let his conservative conversion sink in a bit if he isn’t trying to appeal to Democratic constiuency.

I suppose I’ll stick with whoever the Republican nominee, though I don’t plan on doing anything to detract from the fantasy of a Brokered Convention with Fred lurking about.

As for the VP thing, I can’t help Tancredo and Hunter may have chosen their endorsees with an eye towards quid pro quo…and I don’t think Fred would like the backlash if he proves Politcon right with a McCain endorsement.

Besides, I got the distinct impression, after the chill ran down my spine while McCain’s eyes sparled when he talked about his favorite Democrat, that Joe Lieberman would be just as likely hop on his ticket. Which would be an interesting strategy to combat the Democrat candidates…and after all, isn’t Joe technically an Independant?

All the more reason to see Romney as the least untrue Conservative in the race, but more of a Corporate Conservative than anything else.



can’t help THINKING


Next one I’ll spellcheck


So, given we’re ending up making the compromise at the executive level we’ve figured as inevitable anyway, the discussion of the Senate provides an important opportunity. That’s where the Conservative grassroots can have an impact, if not retaking the majority, at least keeping 40+ votes…particularly if we lose McCain and Lieberman from the Senate floor

And that, too, will build for a 2012 campaign.


That is why working for conservative senate candidates is more improtant at this time. Yes, there are 49 GOP senators at the moment. But that includes turncoats like Snow, McCain, Coleman, Graham, Spector, and a couple more that I cna’t remember. We must have 41+ conservative GOP senators. Untill convention time, that is were we conservatives should focus. How many conservatives are up for re-election? How mnay are in trouble? Are any of the liberal GOP santors up and being challenged in the primaries? What incumbent Dems can be beaten? This should keep us focused till September.


I supported Senator Thompson because he is has the right combination of conservative philosophy, character and life experiences to make a good President.

It’s difficult to leave, even slightly painful to “ride another horse,” especially right away.

I have reservations about all the other candidates.

Governor Huckabee is using the rhetoric of a populist/liberal but he has a conservative plan now on most issues (his immigration plan is good). While it is somewhat understandable why he raised taxes a few times Arkansas (90% of the budget already committed) he did not display the instincts of a conservative. I have concerns he may do something wild like federalize exercise but basically I think he is sincere. However, a while ago, I resolved I could vote for Governor Huckabee, with reservations but am not sure I can bring myself to work for him as I did for Senator Thompson.

Mayor Guiliani has significant moral failings I just can’t get passed. Three marriages- the first one incestuous, the second adulterous. I don’t look for perfection but whether one likes it or not his family is an example for the nation- and even the first lady will be looked at. I realize that won’t be a factor for everyone but I just can’t get passed that.

Senator McCain has disavowed conservatism on almost every major issue- amnesty/welfare bill, voted against the tax cuts, joined up to defeat constructionist judges (Gang of 14), restrict political speech under pretense of campaign finance reform, even ads at the movies for gun control- on almost everything he has abandoned conservatism. None of that takes away from his heroism in Vietnam at the hands of his Communist captors or his mostly (but not entirely) good stands on national security. But when you have amnesty, no tax cuts, throw out constructionist judges, a federal power grab of political speech and diluting the second amendment, there’s not much left for a conservative.

I don’t know about Governor Romney. He was stridently pro-abortion and pro-affirmative action when he ran for Governor and governed that way. He presided over the step into socialized medicine in Massachusetts and I’m not sure he fought the judicial activism that imposed homosexual marriage there either on the grounds of abuse of power by the judiciary or the morality of the issue hard enough. Also, its hard to vote for someone who you sincerely believe adheres to a false religion for such powerful office. Now that he has a national ambition, he is articulately pro-life, against affirmative action and against socialized medicine.

My favorite combination of the top 5 Republican candidates was Thompson/Romney, even that was not perfect but restricting myself to the top 5 candidates only. Maybe that says more than I can bear right now because there are so many reservations about our remaining candidates.

May God give us good governance so we can live peaceable lives and protect and enjoy the liberty that has made this country great.


I think Fred would take the VP slot if offered. If anything, if you really want Fred to consider it, you should consider starting blogs in that regard, so he knows people want him to think about it. I think a Romney/Thompson ticket would be exciting.


Not sure if we can trust the MADMAX post above. Especially this part

This link posted in another thread would seem to contradict Mr. Max’s statement above.



Not sure if we can trust the MADMAX post above. Especially this part

This link posted in another thread would seem to contradict Mr. Max’s statement above.



“Not sure if we can trust the MADMAX post above”

Don’t even know who T. Oliver is, never heard of him nor was I introduced to him in SC or even heard his name mentioned at the Hdq’s. With that said believe it or not “First Day Founders” and you can find all about it at the link listed below.

You people only believe what you want to believe the same as the blind voters of South Carolina who just don’t get it. Anyway, what I said above is the truth so don’t believe it, as usual, you will be just be led around by your nose as you always do.

I’m telling you this is the truth and it came from one of the INITIAL 100 Founders that was on the conference call, you can choose to believe it or not “BUT DON’T CALL ME A LIAR” because I gave you the honest to God truth of what Fred Thompson said to these more than 100 supporters and fundraisers so go and check out the web site and the original article by The Weekly Standard at:

Fred Thompson is running.
by Stephen F. Hayes
05/29/2007 10:21:00 PM



[...] I’ll say it again: Romney would have been better off running in 2012 (assuming no Republican wins this year). Another four years would have taken away much of the suspicion of his conservative bonifides. In addition he would have four more years to internalize conservative ideas in order to better employ them as rhetorical devices. [...]

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