Report from Ann Coulter Event

by Sean Hackbarth’s Amanda Carpenter wrote up a brief report of the Ann Coulter event. Like I thought from watching some of the video yesterday, Coulter was fairly tame. No slurs. Yet her biting sarcasm wasn’t entertaining.

Then we have this quip from a Young America’s Foundation official:

”As this speech indicates Ann Coulter is the most popular speaker CPAC had in modern time,” said YAF spokesman Jason Mattera.

Jason, that’s not something to be proud of. You’re lucky Coulter didn’t again embarrass the conservative movement. I would have hated to start a campaign against YAF.

I would hope that YAF realizes Coulter as a face of the conservative movement is counter-productive. In the end it’s more about what’s best for Ann Coulter than advancing conservatism. It’s time to find new public intellectuals who are lively, smart, and engaging without being obnoxious twits.

Coulter Speaks to CPAC”

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2 Responses to “Report from Ann Coulter Event”


You’re lucky Coulter didn’t again embarrass the conservative movement.

You forgot the word “again”.



Thank you for having the good sense and integrity to continue to speak out against Coulter who is, without doubt, a major asset to Democrats. I continue to come to your blog in part because of this sensible position which you have espoused for as long as I can remember.

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