Republicans Will Attack “Inexperienced” Obama

by Sean Hackbarth

Sen. Hillary Clinton has had little success using the “inexperience” label on Sen. Barack Obama. Sen. John McCain is trying the same attack. Why should McCain have any better luck? I asked RNC Chairman Mike Duncan about that last week in a phone interview. He told me Clinton’s attack came from the Left. Duncan thinks that since the U.S. is a center-right nation McCain’s inexperience attack will have more effect in a general election.

Back in 2004 Obama said he wasn’t comfortable running on a national ticket yet.

With eight months until Election Day McCain and the Republicans can try softening up Obama with the inexperience charge. If it proves ineffective I hope they’re quick and smart enough to pivot to something else.

UPDATE: From Allahpundit:

In his defense, this was back before he realized he was Jesus.

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4 Responses to “Republicans Will Attack “Inexperienced” Obama”


Why should McCain have any better luck?

Well, just by the numbers he’s in a better position to make the argument than Hillary is. Obama served more time in elected office than Hillary has, for instance. And it would be quite hard for Hillary to make the “experience” argument stick when, come the general, McCain can use the exact same argument against her.

McCain’s 20 years of experience in the senate are formidable, to be sure. On the other hand, that’s 20 years of albatrosses to hang around McCain’s neck. Sometimes experience is a liability.


I forgot the obvious and bought into Sen. Clinton’s “experience” argument–elected experience that is. Thanks for pointing that out.


Sometimes experience is a liability.

John Kerry proved that 4 years ago. Or more accurately, the Republican machine that effectively cherry-picked his voting record did. That’s the thing about a long Senate career; ‘yes’ and ‘no’ votes are so complicated because of earmarks and riders and other technicalities that it’s easy for the other side to paint your record any way they want it if they know where to look. And if you suck at explaining things–like Kerry–yer toast.


>>I forgot the obvious and bought into Sen. Clinton’s “experience” argument–

Waddya mean? She ran the dang White House for 8 long years!

But seriously folks…

>>>With eight months until Election Day McCain and the Republicans can try softening up Obama with the inexperience charge.

No. Wrong. uh-uh. You are assuming Obama wins. Don’t unleash the hounds yet or they will tire too soon and lie down, perhaps after chasing the wrong fox.

Warning: Do not count Hellery out.

And, when the time comes to actually face one or the other, you want your clips full. You want your shell belt fully stocked, so that you can rapid fire, one after the other, incessantly, without hesitation, without delay, without pause.

I would argue that Obama could be skewered as an utter rookie in Foreign Policy (and rightly so). His “Bomb Pakistan, Tea With Iran” proposals are out there for the (constant) mocking. On this, Hellery has the edge.

Or the GOP could go after the expense of an
Obama-Wan presidency, currently tagged at more than an additional 3/4 of a trillion dollars over four years… so far. On this, Hellery could be like-wise charged.

However, it seems possible that a majority of Americans have attained the inability to see past themselves and the here and now, and could give a rat’s patootie of consequences 10, 25, 40 years hence. They want their free health care and they want it NOW. And they want to look pretty to the world, too.

The Obama disciples, of course, will simply play it all as new school v. old school. So will the Clintonistas. They are both running on “Change”.

And it’s there that the GOP can make their best arguments against either.

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