Rudy for NY Governor in 2010

by Sean Hackbarth

Rudy Giuliani

Elliot Spitzer hasn’t even resigned and the Facebook group for Rudy Giuliani 2010 has already been formed.

He’d get a lot of support from non-New York conservatives who understand a Northeast Republican is a different beast.

If he wants another shot at the Presidency being a governor would help. Of course if he ran his governor’s race like his Presidential race he’d end up hanging around Coney Island a month before the election.

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One Response to “Rudy for NY Governor in 2010”


Rudy would be the best chioce for Governor in 2010. He would be able to clean out the “rat’s nest” that is called the NYS Legislature. He’d get hold of NY’s out of control spending and ridiculously high taxes that are driving people and businesses out of NY. If he were smart he’s ask Tom Golisano to be his running mate. That would be a fiscal “Dream Team”.

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