Ace’s Insanity or Sullivan’s?

by Sean Hackbarth

Ace goes on a tear over Andrew Sullivan’s gushing of Sen. Obama’s race speech. Ace’s venting is reason enough for you to go there.

I have a question regarding the hilarious graphic:

Ace's insanity

Is that suppose to be Sullivan or Ace? Either/or? Neither/nor?

[via Hot Air]

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3 Responses to “Ace’s Insanity or Sullivan’s?”


I don’t read Sullivan, and even i recognized it as similar to the one on his Atlantic blog. Don’t know if it is official–it seems to have the same artist’s signature in it–but it’s Sullivan.


I know it’s from Sullivan’s weblog, but I know Ace. It fits him too. Thus the joke.


I think it’s Allah’s self-portrait.

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