Fred Thompson is Looking for Work

by Sean Hackbarth

Fred Thompson

My old boss is looking for a job too:

Hollywood’s high-powered William Morris Agency announced this week that it has signed the actor/politician, signaling a return to the screen for the former senator from Tennessee.

On a similar note The Tennessean mentioned my link from Wonkette.

And for what it’s worth I think a lot of people think I’m the guy in the hunting picture. No. It’s just something I found on Flickr.

UPDATE: I thought Allahpundit got really cruel with Thompson supporters as the campaign progressed. However, he’s funny asking a few questions:

Exit question for the Fredheads: Good news or bad news? On the one hand, you’ll get to see him regularly again. On the other, is this really what you envisioned the “true conservative” who was going to lead us out of the wilderness doing after the race? It’d be like Reagan losing to Carter in 1980 and then going out to make “Bedtime for Bonzo II.”

[via p2pnet]

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5 Responses to “Fred Thompson is Looking for Work”


You obviously didn’t see my whimsically titled post earlier this morning :)


Wouldn’t you have preferred Wonkette link to you about an Eliot Spitzer-like sex scandal?


James, I would have because it would have meant I could afford hookers at $4000 a session.


I am still hopeing that Fred lands an Attorney General position myself. Maybe if he does, ya might have a shot at getting on board as staff again Sean? You did do a great job on the team for him while he was in the game! later, Hooligan


Hooligan, I can’t imagine Fred trying to deal make a federal department function. No, I don’t see him being in the cabinet should McCain win.

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