McCain Getting Nancy Reagan Endorsement

by Sean Hackbarth

While Sen. John McCain is in California he will visit Nancy Reagan and accept her endorsement:

In a statement before the event, Reagan said she typically waits until after the GOP convention to announce her support but she decided to do so now because it is clear the Republican Party has chosen its nominee.

“John McCain has been a good friend for over thirty years,” Reagan said. “My husband and I first came to know him as a returning Vietnam War POW, and were impressed by the courage he had shown through his terrible ordeal. I believe John’s record and experience have prepared him well to be our next president.”

Reagan’s eventual support was expected, and she will become the latest top Republican to fall in line behind McCain. She and McCain have long been close, and it was only a matter of time before she spoke up for her friend.

Her endorsement could help McCain shore up the backing of conservatives who long have viewed him skeptically for his record of breaking with the party on some issues they hold dear. At the same time, Reagan’s nod also could help further align him with the former president who attracted Democratic as well as Republican voters.

Ed Morrissey asks, “Will Nancy’s efforts make an impact on disaffected conservatives?”

Not much. Nancy Reagan is a strong-willed person who has a few beliefs at odds with many conservatives. Like McCain she supports embryonic stem cell research. That doesn’t sit well with most pro-life conservatives.

As I wrote yesterday, McCain hasn’t connected to conservatives yet. So instead of them rallying around him they sharpen their knives by cutting down Sens. Clinton and Obama. He needs to start reaching out in a public way to allay his critics’ fears or at the very least not have them publically grumble.

One step would be for McCain to make a short video of Nancy and he talking about Reagan. Don’t turn it into a production. Just recall a few memories from the Reagan 80s. McCain could tie Reagan’s struggle against the Soviets with our current struggle against Islamism. The video would be a bridge and the beginning of a conversation. With the Democrats still figuring out their nominee McCain has an opportunity to engage his base in some fruitful talk.

Nancy Reagan to Endorse McCain in Calif.”

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