Would You Date a Liberal?

by Sean Hackbarth

Would you let let politics get in the way of a relationship with the opposite sex? That was one of the questions John Hawkins asked some conservative webloggers. Their answers were mostly “no.” Michelle Malkin’s commenters mostly said no and equate liberals with idiots.

I haven’t dated die-hard liberals or conservatives. There were other things besides the person’s politics that attracted me to them. The women I’ve dated have been mostly apolitical. Their interests didn’t involve politics. That seemed like a nice balance to me being a political junkie.

I have wondered if I could marry a liberal. That would depend on how liberal she was and what issues were most important to her. I could handle a mate who thought the rich weren’t being taxed enough, wanted socialized medicine, or thought public schools would do so much better if they had more money. We’d debate the issues but could still sleep in the same bed.

It would be quite different if she were a strong pro-abortion advocate. There would be plenty of disputes if she wanted to donate to Planned Parenthood. Things would really get hostile if she got pregnant and wanted an abortion.

My parents are a divided household. My mother is the more outspoken Democrat while my father is the quite conservative Republican. They’ve lasted over 30 years which shows me such a relationship can be done. Hey, James Carville and Mary Matalin pull it off. How? I have no idea.

For the most part I don’t think one should let political beliefs interfere with possible happiness. However, there are some fundamental beliefs that can’t be crossed no matter how much you like or love the other person.

“Would You, Could You, Date a Liberal?”

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6 Responses to “Would You Date a Liberal?”


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Why not? Ya know, if certain attributes were present, nudge, nudge.

But I really couldn’t anyway; the 25th anniversary is coming up in a coupla months.


Dating them is fine, but it REALLY sucks evry 4 yrs when the big race comes around and you have a Liberal in the house once your married.


While i may be in the middle of a dating dry spell right now, there are enough hot liberal girls in this city that i won’t ever have to worry about trying to date someone too right-wing for my tastes.


I have no choice i live in South Beach….My real answer is no way i stay by myself..I will die first….


I am a die hard Conservative currently dating a Left-Leaning individual. I will admit that there are some major points of contention when it comes to our political debates, however I feel mentally stimulated when he challenges my opinions, and his skepticism forces me to strengthen the foundations of my opinions, making me a more politically savvy person. Most importantly, politics is not the measure of our relationship, and there are a lot of other things we do agree on. We can listen to and respect each other’s opinions when we do discuss them, and forget our differences most other times.

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