Weyrich Backs Away from “No Mitt” Ads

by Sean Hackbarth

Paul Weyrich stepped away from the “NO MITT FOR VP” ads. The Free Congress Foundation sent me this press release:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

(For Immediate Release)

Re: Paul M. Weyrich Statement on the “NoMitt” Campaign.

Recently I received a phone call from someone asking if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney should be Arizona Senator John McCain’s selection for Vice President of the United States.

I said, “No” because I did not think this was the best path for Romney right now; nor was it, in my view, the right fit for McCain. My understanding was that this was to be a personal letter to the Senator; it was not clear to me that this was to be an advertisement.

Thus, I now request that my involvement in this effort be disregarded as this effort to influence the Senator moves on.

I did support Romney in the early primaries and then supported former Arkansas Governor Huckabee when he and McCain were the last two candidates in the field.

That Senator McCain most likely will be in a position to select a Vice Presidential nominee is a failure of our movement, including myself, to unite behind a single candidate. In the unlikely development that the Senator would ask for my view on this matter, I would convey it to him in private as I have traditionally done.

That’s pretty nebulous with what World Magazine reports from a recent meeting of social conservatives:

The room—which had been taken over by argument and side-conversations—became suddenly quiet. Weyrich, a Romney supporter and one of those Farris had chastised for not supporting Huckabee, steered his wheelchair to the front of the room and slowly turned to face his compatriots. In a voice barely above a whisper, he said, “Friends, before all of you and before almighty God, I want to say I was wrong.”

In a quiet, brief, but passionate speech, Weyrich essentially confessed that he and the other leaders should have backed Huckabee, a candidate who shared their values more fully than any other candidate in a generation. He agreed with Farris that many conservative leaders had blown it. By chasing other candidates with greater visibility, they failed to see what many of their supporters in the trenches saw clearly: Huckabee was their guy.

Was it buyers remorse for Weyrich? He admits he and his fellow conservative leaders blew it by not uniting behind a candidate. These leaders don’t think much of Sen. McCain, sound like they don’t think he’ll win, and are looking beyond November to 2012 or 2016.

Weyrich saw how silly he looked to oppose Romney as VP while endorsing him for President so he backed away from the ad. Nevertheless, these new bits of info reinforce my belief that some conservative leaders are already making sure Mitt isn’t the presumed frontrunner. They’re backing Mike Huckabee. The never-ending campaign continues.

Divided We Stand” [via Hot Air]

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9 Responses to “Weyrich Backs Away from “No Mitt” Ads”


Veepgate may be related to other incidents to block Mitt Romney from getting into power. I have no doubt the signers of the warning letter to McCain have been used, especially Paul Weyrich who seems to be very befuddled at this time. The signers of that letter did not come up with the plans or the funds to mount such a campaign. The charges were so outlandish, the reported $2.5 million standing behind the effort has evaporated due to the rush of free publicity. Because of the nature of PACs, we may never know whose plan it was, but I would suspect Soros is in there somewhere. The charges are blatantly false, but I don’t suppose anyone is afraid of being judged for false witness. It can all be blamed on the other guys who signed up.

For the past two years I have been trying to figure out who is behind what. As soon as word started getting around about the possibility of Mitt running for president I set a Google search subscription to gather all the information in the media. It wasn’t long before I saw an item about the polygamous group in the Shortcreek area of southern Utah. A man named Warren Jeffs who was the leader of the polygamous sect had been put on the FBI Ten Most Wanted list. His crime was listed as: Evading arrest. His crime in Utah was mismanagement of trust funds regarding property donated by church members for communal use. Other people on the FBI list were Osama bin Laden, some terrorists, a convicted murderer and some bank robbers, all of which seemed to be dangerous men and threats to America. The wanted poster did not list any crimes other than evading arrest. Arizona had tried to convict several members of the community but could not complete a trial because of lack of witnesses. Some of the men pleaded to lesser bogus charges to avoid years of jail time awaiting trial. Habeas Corpus did not seem to apply in Arizona or Utah and so people could be held indefinitely while the State tried to build a case.

Shortly after the first Most Wanted poster came out additional news release came out listing a $50,000 reward for the “capture” of Warren Jeffs. A short time later another press release listed an additional $50,000 reward making a total of $100,000. Now, Mr. Jeffs is not a tough guy who packs a weapon. He is a very frail 50 year old man who speaks very softly and with a slow halting meter. He was loved by his followers and virtually hated by everyone else for his religious practices of arranging marriages, expelling unruly boys and dissolution of families to maintain control over his flock of believers.

Fifty five years ago the State of Arizona created a disaster in a community called Shortcreek, Arizona. Although in Arizona, Shortcreek has no roads connecting it to Arizona, only to Utah and Nevada. Residents in Shortcreek believed they had no connection to the United States and they had found a place of refuge to practice their faith. The Arizona National Guard was employed to route every citizen including children and transport them through Utah, Nevada and Arizona hundreds of miles into the State or Arizona and began to forcibly separate children from their mothers and fathers. News teams from major magazines and news papers did picture stories of crying children and mothers and incensed the American population to object the savage treatment.


Arizona was so embarrassed by the incident that they never attempted to interfere with the community for over 50 years. By 2006 the Attorney Generals of the State of Utah and Arizona received a grant from the US Dept. of Justice to create a program of cooperation between the states to deal with victims of violence and child abuse in polygamous communities. They created a document called The Primer outlining the culture of the various communities and listing any criminal codes in each state that might be helpful to control abuses.


It is a well known fact that neither attorney general wanted to create a crisis in their state opposing polygamy and that the focus was on violence against women and children.

Within about 6 weeks a Nevada Patrolman stopped a vehicle with temporary plates to check registration. Warren Jeffs was recognized as one of the occupants and was arrested on the strength of the FBI most wanted poster. He was held in Nevada only to discover that Arizona did not have a case open to prosecute Jeffs in a timely manner and Utah did not have anything but a civil suite that would warrant a no bail cause. There existed on the books a new statute that had never been brought to court called “Rape by accomplice”. Based on that, Jeffs was first transferred to Utah under heavy armed guard and incarcerated in solitary confinement and held without bail for 16 months in a jail called Purgatory near Hurricane, Utah. During that time he collapsed and had to be treated in a hospital from fasting and ulcerated knees from praying. He seemed to suffer a mental breakdown and tried unsuccessfully to do an end run on his attorney to deliver a message to the judge that he was no longer the leader of his church and he had never had authority to hold his position in the church. In a bizarre side line to the case a reporter who snapped a picture of the note from across the court was prosecuted for the action.

Back to what puzzles me. I contacted the Arizona prosecuting investigator about the details of the FBI action. He could not explain it. He had asked his superiors about that and there is no clue to how he got on the Ten Most Wanted list or who put up the two rewards. Let us try to connect the dots. In June, 2006, Mitt had announced his intention to run for POTUS. So, had John McCain. Mark Shurtleff, Utah Attorney General and Terry Goddard, Arizona Attorney General had joined hands taking years in the making to create a policy to avoid incidents along polygamy lines that would compare with the mistakes made in 1953. Utah supported Mitt Romney by 90% and Mark Shurtleff, AG of Utah, supported McCain. Any press releases by Mitt Romney were matched by press releases regarding Jeffs, even when there was no event. Google activity for Mitt Romney listed Provo, UT, Boise, ID and Malmo, Sweden as the three highest request areas. Utah successfully convicted Jeffs (on appeal) but did not inform the jury that the main witness (victim) had a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the FLDS trust. Arizona has taken custody of Jeffs and has not been able to get cooperation from their key witnesses and have dropped those cases.

The publicity cow has almost run dry and there is no more news about Jeffs. But, wait! A sheriff in El Dorado, Texas has taken over 200 prisoners in an FLDS compound. The first children were bussed away from the compound in Baptist Sunday School busses. A judge issued a warrant to cross the Holy of Holy threshold of an FLDS temple in search for a 16 year old girl who placed a 911 call accusing a 50 year old man under probation in Arizona of marrying and impregnating her. The man has been contacted and says he does not know the girl. Yes, and 200 people have been arrested in Texas. For a while this situation seemed like it would rival the Waco debacle, but the FLDS in El Dorado do not seem to be suicidal or heavily armed, in fact they are probably having a picnic being martyrs and having their civil rights trampled on. El Dorado will not be Waco, but it will be the next publicity cow to replace Jeffs in Purgatory Prison.

Meanwhile there are a bunch of “social conservatives” trying to ruin the good name of
Mitt Romney and not caring where exactly the money came from. Considering that McCain will suffer collateral damage, it is most likely from the liberal left. What Republican can profit from such a dumb move? Certainly Mike Huckabee is not involved.

So, where is the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post when we need some investigative reporting? (Whisper): Follow the money.


[...] Update: I don’t know what the story is with Weyrich but all this vacillating isn’t doing him any favors. Recently I received a phone call from someone asking if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney should be Arizona Senator John McCain’s selection for Vice President of the United States. [...]


Leon, can you sum it up in 100 words? You think it’s an anti-Mormon plot funded by George Soros?

Then how come a lot of these people backed Huckabee?

A simpler explanation is this group of social conservatives worries about Romney running again. This time he would be considered the front runner. They want to start preparing for that.


This waffling quote by Weyrich, like Dobson before him, merely proves their support was based solely on two issues ofwhich must be an echo of their demands regardless of whether those demands are remotely obtainable…that’s pure insanity.

“Abortion and the “marriage” of gays MUST be reversed or placed out of reach through Constitutional amendments banning same.”

Both clowns were instructed their tunnel-visioned priorities for a president were not only wrongheaded but also being parroted by candidates who were merely pandering their pipedreams simply for their votes and nothing more.

Willard and The Hucksters records and pasts clearly reveal this as a fact…somebody, slap them into reality.


Marriage and human life may not be important to some Americans, but is paramount to many others. Deal with it Rombots and GOP left. If you disrespect pro-life and pro-marriage, the GOP is history as a major player in American politices. You cannot insult and disparage 50% of your Party and expect to continue as a viable party. 2008 is only one election. There will be many more to come.

My suggestion is that you get down on your knees and apologize to your pro-life and pro-marriage partners in the Party. To do anything else is to risk an apathetic group of pro-life voters. If the pro-life and pro-marriage planks are not in the GOP platform, pro-life will bolt from the Party. That is one thing the GOP can count on it. Now put that in your pipe and strategize how the GOP will win without its pro-life and pro-marriage wings!!!


[...] But the second explanation (which I can only find quoted here directly) appears to contradict it, or at least suggests that Weyrich hadn’t really changed his mind, or at least didn’t feel as strongly as that account above suggests: Recently I received a phone call from someone asking if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney should be Arizona Senator John McCain’s selection for Vice President of the United States. [...]


I for one, am going to campaign for Mitt should he choose to run for President again.


We should remember that Paul Weyrich is quite elderly and unwell. This group took advantage of those facts. It was a despicable thing to do but not at all unusual coming from the Huckabee camp.


Romney is pro-marriage amendment. He’s been that way from the beginning. That is what got him in trouble in Mass. Before that debate he was quite popular there.

Romney is pro-life. This was a conversion, but he never expanded, or helped to expand any of the rights of abortion groups in Mass. In fact he blocked many of them.

If those are the defining issues of social conservatives, they should not have any problem with Romney…but they do.

What does that mean?

It means that he doesn’t have the same lexicon as the social conservative movement (e.g. evangelicals). And the fact that he was an outsider trying to speak their language was quaint at first, but when their favorite son Huckabee came home and spoke their language (e.g. his “true christian leader” schtick…read: slimy identity politics) they were “converted” to the Huckabee cause…because obviously he had the mandate of heaven.

Add to that Huckabee’s supposed “naivete” as a baptist minister (groups identifying themselves as baptists or affiliated to the baptist movement are among the most prolific anti-mormon writers in the U.S.) asking innocent questions on national TV about Romney’s religion, and the “private release” of his vitriolic advertisement that he decided NOT to run, but made it available to every news outlet, and you see that Huckabee is one of the most subtle and hypocritical participants in this year’s presidential race.

Had Huckabee won, I would have moved to Arkansas, because that is the one place that I know he no longer has any credibility…

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