Reaction to Obama’s Smear of Coburn

by Sean Hackbarth

Barack Obama

  • it’s vintage, duh:

    Equating real domestic terrorism to having a simple policy difference is a variation on a theme for the left. To them, policy differences and conservative politics are indistinguishable from criminal offenses.

  • Gateway Pundit:

    Barack Obama throws his “friend” Tom Coburn under the bus with his white grandmother.

  • Bookworm:

    But what Obama also said is that, to the extent anyone’s views differ from his, those differing views have no moral weight whatsoever — they’re just, well, different. That’s why he could liken his friendship to a terrorist and attempted murderer to his friendship with someone who tries to stop the abortion of unborn children.

  • Ace (who’s surprisingly gentle):

    Senator Obama apparently doesn’t see any difference between advocating for a law and planting bombs.

    The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this man to get so far in their primary race and he should be ashamed of himself for equating a good man with a terrorist scum bag.

    Fortunately for Democrats, they seem to be mentally incapable of feeling shame.

  • Bruce McQuain:

    Now is it just me or does anyone else find the reference to Coburn a very poor analogy? Coburn’s a member of Congress. Obama didn’t choose to have to associate with him, so no one expects him to “answer for” anything Coburn might say, even though the job they both have requires they associate.

    Not so with William Ayers. That’s an association Obama chooses to continue.

    So you have to ask, are there things that people would do that Obama would find “detestable” enough that he wouldn’t associate with them? Because so far, I haven’t found many.

    Should bombing buildings in your nation’s capital and being unrepentant about it perhaps be one of them?

  • Erick Erickson wants an MSM reporter to ask Obama if he would go to Coburn’s house for a political meeting. He went to Ayers’ house.
  • Duane Patterson thinks Obama made McCain’s job easier in united conservatives. Maybe.

If you missed last night’s debate here’s the relevant portion:

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