The Inconsistent John McCain

by Sean Hackbarth

Sen. John McCain doesn’t want the North Carolina GOP running this tv ad using Jeremiah Wright’s America-bashing:

McCain calls it an “offensive advertisement.” They’re Wright’s words on video. They’re facts.

How is this different than McCain bringing up the Obama-Ayers connection last Sunday on ABC’s This Week?

In the case of Ayers we’re still trying to figure out how close the two are. With Wright there’s no question what he said, and we know Obama was a member of his church from almost 20 years. How is speculating about a relationship less “offensive” than incontrovertible facts?

It’s one thing to run a pure, issues-driven campaign but do it consistently.

“The GOP Ad John McCain Doesn’t Want You to See”

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One Response to “The Inconsistent John McCain”


[...] Sean Hackbarth pointed out a potentially-significant flaw in McCain’s plan; he’s not been consistent on the lack of use of the Wright-Obama connection. Actually, let’s drop the “potentially”; it’s certain tha McCain’s former friends in the LeftStreamMedia will use that inconsistency against him to further shrink the mushy middle. [...]

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