Paul Ryan for McCain’s VP?

by Sean Hackbarth

Paul Ryan

Human Events‘ John Gizzi adds another name to the mix of possible running mates for Sen. John McCain: Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

On the plus side Rep. Phil English said, “Paul is Catholic, from the Rustbelt, and has the economic credentials Sen. McCain needs.” His youth also contrasts nicely with McCain’s age.

On the downside his age negates the experience argument McCain will use against Sen. Barack Obama. That’s despite Ryan having spent more years in Congress.

Call me a dreamer but I envision a day when Ryan becomes Speaker of the House. Although a Vice President Ryan that led to a President Ryan would be nice too.

Would you support Ryan on the GOP ticket? Would it help or hurt McCain?

“McCain Veepstakes: Running with Ryan?”

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5 Responses to “Paul Ryan for McCain’s VP?”


I think it would be a great ticket, though the “youth and inexperience” rap on Ryan would be a little tough. However, when you look at records of consequence in public office, Ryan kicks the hell out of Obama.


>>>Would you support Ryan on the GOP ticket? Would it help or hurt McCain?

VP is window dressing.

Nothing can help/hurt McCain with conservatives. To us he simply sucks. He could pick Limbaugh as his running mate and noses would still have to be held hard while pulling the lever.

For fence sitters, Ryan is nameless, hence useless. To get the wishy-washies, McCain needs to pick a well-known big name: Rice, Lieberman, something along those lines.


I really would hate to lose him as my Congresscritter. While he has turned the 1st into a seemingly-safe Republican seat, it’s only because he’s around that it is safe. I just don’t see too many conservatives here ready to jump to the House, especially since a vacancy will wake up the Dems.


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Why are conservative young people not jumping on the bandwagon and pressuring the RNC to seriously consider Paul Ryan as McCain’s running mate? Here is a bright young man with the right instincts and a proven record of true conservative commitment who could energize and mobilize the younger generation. Are young people so apathetic they don’t see a gift horse when it’s staring them in the face? Obama’s youth is a smokescreen – that guy is scary! Don’t forget the potential for Ryan pulling the Catholic swing vote, an important factor in many elections of the past. A McCain/Ryan ticket would be a breath of fresh air and this 55+ lady would definitely pull the lever for that one.

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