Obama-Clinton Ticket?

by Sean Hackbarth

A roommate was watching a movie so I missed Sen. Obama’s speech tonight. No big loss. The Obama campaign will send out a link to the video tomorrow. I did end up missing Obama saying nice things about Sen. Clinton:

One of the most formidable candidates ever to run for this office….In her 35 years of public service, Hillary Rodham Clinton has never given up on her fight for the American people…We’ve had our disagreements, but we all admire her courage and her commitment and her perseverence…Senator Clinton has shattered myths and broken barriers and has changed the America in which my daughters and your daughters will come of age and for that we are grateful to her.

John Podhoretz bets on an Obama-Clinton ticket. Hillary as a change-maker? Only that Democrat with two X chromosomes will be on the ticket. Such a ticket cuts against the feeling of a Clinton-Bush dynasty.

[via Instapundit]

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7 Responses to “Obama-Clinton Ticket?”


There are two certainties about Obama’s running mate:

- She will not have a Y chromosome.
- She will not be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Ironically, that does not rule out John Edwards :-)


HRC as a running mate would be a HUGE gift for John McCain.

I’m betting on Wes Clark.


Erik, I’d choose Sen. Jim Webb. It puts Virginia in play.


Webb was on Meet the Press last Sunday saying he’s not interested. Which is too bad, because i think he’d be a great choice. It’d offset McCain’s perceived advantage in foreign policy as an experienced vet or whatever.

Still a fan of Bill Richardson, myself, despite his asinine “let’s pipe the Great Lakes water to the Southwest” idea.


Richardson would certainly add some heft, experience, and (dare I say it) gravitas to the ticket. And it would be another Democrat I wouldn’t hate.


Veep spot she won’t take.

Secretary of State? Some other cabinet position? More likely.


naw naw naw.. ya’all got it wrong.

The Chosen One does not NEED a VP.

You may bow, now.

To steveegg: hey man, nice shot.

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