Brits Protest Gas Prices

by Sean Hackbarth

Oil pump

In some places here in the U.S. gas has reached $4/gallon. Hot tempers have come along with it. In Great Britain diesel fuel is over $9/gallon. What’s the response: truckers shut down roads:

Hundreds of truckers shut down a central London highway Tuesday, French fishermen blockaded ports and French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed cutting European fuel taxes as already high gasoline prices soared even higher.

“It’s hard to find words to describe the severity of the problem. It’s not even a problem really; it’s a meltdown,” said Peter Carroll, a trucking industry spokesman who, like hundreds of other drivers, parked his rig on London’s A40 highway Tuesday morning, shutting that key commuter artery for most of the day.

The truckers, who eventually delivered a petition to Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s office at 10 Downing Street, were protesting as Britain’s national average pump price for diesel hit the equivalent of $9.56 a gallon and regular unleaded hit $8.61 a gallon, according to the Automobile Association.

Truckers in Wales called for a gas tax cut while French president Sarkozy asked for a holiday on some European Union oil taxes.

Here in the U.S. two out of three U.S. presidential candidates think a solution to rising energy prices are to slap a windfall profit tax on oil companies. While wrong on the economics of a gas tax holiday Sen. John McCain’s first reaction was to cut taxes unlike Sens. Clinton and Obama. What’s also different between the U.K. and U.S. is the island nation’s leaders want oil producers to drill more increase supply. (Even though Gordon Brown sounded pessimistic about real relief.) If only we were lucky to have such leadership on this side of the Atlantic.

“Traffic Stops Over Gas Prices

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