McClellan’s Book Lacks Much of Anything

by Sean Hackbarth

Scott McClellan

What’s there to add about Scott McClellan’s new book? All the excerpts I’ve read seem to only say what President Bush’s critics have been saying throughout his Presidency: Bush lied, people died; Iraq was a war of choice not necessity; blah, blah, blah. McClellan doesn’t add anything new. My lack of insight matches McClellan’s. It is ironic that the former White House press secretary was against tell-all books before he wrote his own. Like its author this book will soon be forgotten.

If McClellan worded things a certain way to spice up his book to boost sales he may end up being disappointed. Without no there there what’s to make his book have staying power? In a day or two cable news and the weblogs will be done talking about the book. Unless there’s something actually interesting it will quickly fall off the bestseller list and become a footnote of the Bush Presidency. So even though he possesses the “moral fiber of a jailhouse snitch” McClellan could be disappointed with his payday. Maybe he’s just happy to be in the news again.

“As Scottie Sowed, So Is He Reaping”

[picture via harishv79]

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3 Responses to “McClellan’s Book Lacks Much of Anything”


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“Lacks much of anything” except what some of us have been trying to say for years. Stay in denial if that makes you feel better.


I sort of have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, i should feel giggly about a former Bush toadie coming clean, but like you say, Sean, it’s not like he’s telling us anything new. I mean, of course we were lied to in the run-up to war. Of course the Bush White House operates in “permanent campaign mode.” Of course the WH has spent all their time manipulating facts to fit their agenda. We all know this (well, those of us without partisan blinders on know this). So, for Bush’s former Press Secretary to come out and say the same crap now, two years after he spent how long parroting the party line? How long did he spend saying “there was no CIA leak from our end?” How long did he, according to him, spew out BS he didn’t agree with?

Screw him. We’re talking about an unnecessary war that has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths (hundreds of thousands when you count the Iraqis, and don’t give me the “they would have died under Saddam anyway” crap). If he was uncomfortable when he was in the White House, he should have walked. Period. Not waited until later to profit off a book of memoirs. He’s slime, as far as i’m concerned, no matter how honest he’s decided to be after the fact.

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