Obama Contradicts on DC Gun Ban and Still Looking for Good Help

by Sean Hackbarth

I’m going to give Sen. Obama a tiny bit of cover. I have heard him say he thinks the Second Amendment notes an individual’s right to own a gun. That’s the heart of Justice Scalia’s majority opinion. However, in February Obama thought the DC gun ban was constitutional only to claim now he didn’t. I found this video showing Obama’s gun ban inconsistency:

Let me also point out in his typical pass-the-buck style Obama blamed any confusion on a staffer. Does the guy take any responsibility?

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2 Responses to “Obama Contradicts on DC Gun Ban and Still Looking for Good Help”


I actually don’t see the inconsistency. I suppose you can try to spin it that way… but when he says in the second clip that it’s ok for communities to ban “illegal guns”, it seems clear to me that he’s referring to guns in the hands of criminals, which he said was ok in the first clip as well.

In the second clip, he simply concentrates more on the ideas of regulation, while in the first clip he concentrates more on gun owners rights.


Maybe everyone working for Obama should start wearing red shirts.

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