FISA Dissent from Obama Supporters

by Sean Hackbarth

Before people go ga-ga over Obama dissenters using MyBarackObama to organize against the FISA bill let’s see some actual numbers take part. When that happens lets see if Obama would actually listen and change his stance. Then things change and not for the better.

It’s great that the Obama campaign has enough self-confidence to tolerate people using the campaign’s own tools to oppose the candidate. From my vantage point it seems it would be too costly in manpower and bad publicity to shut down this small grassroots effort. The staff should merely keep an eye out for racist and bigoted content.

As I noted at The Next Right the campaign is respecting dissenting voices. Campaigns shouldn’t be afraid of supporters going off in odd directions as long as it isn’t hurting the essence of your campaign. I don’t see these FISA opponents organizing for Sen. McCain. That’s the lesson Republicans can take from this minor event.

Jeff Jarvis asks an interesting question:

If Obama gets into the White House, though, will his supporters at MyBarackObama continue to use these tools to influence him and government? And will he have to listen because he is beholden to them?

The Burkean in me hopes he doesn’t substitute the wisdom of (loud) crowds for his own judgment–you know, the one he’s touting endlessly since his resume is so thin. The U.S. isn’t a direct democracy. Voters elect a elect a President. We elect leaders not people who merely follow the whims and passions of the masses. The internet hasn’t changed human nature.

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