Gov. Sarah Palin’s Important Speech

by Sean Hackbarth

I’m a person who doesn’t think the Vice-Presidential candidate matters much…usually. Sen. John McCain picking Gov. Sarah Palin and the resulting scorched earth campaign launched by the liberal netroots along with the MSM pile-on means her speech tonight is very important. It’s the most important Vice-Presidential nominee’s speech in my lifetime. Gov. Palin has a chance to prove all her critics wrong.

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4 Responses to “Gov. Sarah Palin’s Important Speech”


This is a set piece. She’ll do fine.

The real issue is how she deals in interactive situations.


If her speech rivals her acceptance speech she will knock it of the park!!


She’ll do great and I can’t wait. Hopefully the critical press will be satisfied and get back on topic; the family issue talk is very old already, not to mention wrong, wrong, wrong.


She will do fine. I hope that tomorrow morning, the media will focus on her instead of her family life. That is the liberal media for you. We did not focus on Hilliary’s personal life did we?

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