Dean Barnett, R.I.P.

by Sean Hackbarth

A strong voice in the conservative blogopshere left us today. Dean Barnett passed away at the age of 41. Sadly for me I never got the chance to meet or talk with Dean. But he was prolific enough on his own weblog as well as that of Hugh Hewitt’s and The Weekly Standard’s that I had plenty of opportunities to know what he thought about politics and current events. In the primaries while I toiled away for Fred Thompson Dean tapped away for his guy, Mitt Romney. Dean was fair and honest for his guy which made it really easy to read him.

Another thing that impressed me was how Dean turned his weblogging into an actual writing career. For whatever reason he found a way to go down that path while I travel the road of a political operative.

Godspeed, Dean. My prayers go to your family and friends.

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One Response to “Dean Barnett, R.I.P.”


Farewell, Dean Barnett…

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