Palin’s Turkey Fiasco

by Sean Hackbarth

Gov. Sarah Palin needs her own version of Michael Deaver stat to prevent more bad visuals like this:

She actually mentioned “chopping block.” Irk.

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7 Responses to “Palin’s Turkey Fiasco”


Bad visuals?

A bad visual is when you sneeze on camera … when you have viewers recalling the wood-chipper scene in “Fargo,” that’s a catastrophic visual.


God, i hope she runs for President in 2012.


Give me a break. She’s looking to her left. If the cameraman takes one step to the right there’s nothing to see.

Besides, other than a few vegetarians who aren’t going to vote for her anyway, who is this going to bother. Seriously. Meanwhile, the announcer is reacting to it like it’s the Hindenburg.


James, can you imagine Mike Deaver letting that happen? What about Deaver’s replacement? When you’re trying to turn around a negative impression you don’t feed the meme.


Sean, explain Bitburg. Yes, a better backdrop could have been used. So could have a little better editorial judgment by the cameraman.

I’ll admit I have never understood squeamishness. But how do these critics with the vapors live the rest of their lives? “Ooh, ick. I saw where my dinner came from.” What a bunch of babies. Speaking of which, there’s a whole cable channel dedicated to birthing, so I’m betting most Americans are quite that squeamish, either. Perhaps it’s all those Hollywood movies.


Oh, thank-you thank-you PMSNBC for saving us all from seeing the nasty side of human food consumption with your little techno-blur.


The sickening part of this clip is not the normal everyday processing going on behind Palin, its the smugness of the PMSNBC talking-head dweeb.

“Fiasco” ? “Negative impression” ?

Are you serious?

Do you really think Palin, who has shot and field-dressed elk and moose would see a problem with the dressing of a mere turkey?

Better yet, do you think she cares one wit the spin some PMSNBC twit might put on it?

Do you want her to?

To the contrary, this just re-enforces her one-tough-lady persona while also being a great blow to the sissyfication of America (and not to mention a Hulk-sized slap right to the face of PETA and Farm Sanctuary types).

And it’s hilarious to boot!


I can only imagine what kind of person sees any creature suffering and thinks it is funny. A sick one. Plus, Palin just proved once again why not voting for her was the right choice.

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