Bud Select 55

by Sean Hackbarth

Make it stop. Beer is allowed to have calories.

“Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms Race Gets Absurd”

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4 Responses to “Bud Select 55”


When will the delicious “Thickburger” type of pushback happen in the world of Hops?!?!
Mmmm, “Leines Thick” beer!!!


I was going to agree with you, and in part, you’re right. The reason I’m departing from you a bit, Sean, is that the number 55 is significant, not because it’s lower than MGD 64 but because the AB Brewery in Saint Louis is right off of Interstate 55.

Other than that, it’s stupid.


Miller Zero next.

If someone wants to drink colored water (as the story implies) by all means have at it.

All I ask I that you put some real beer in the cooler when you invite folks over.


Guests should thank their hosts not demand that their beer tastes are perfectly catered to.

I had some of that Miller 64 stuff last weekend and I was completely unsatisfied given the state of the weather. Had it been 95 and I outside digging or making wood (or any other such type of activity) then I would have loved it and ignored all the marketing stuff. However, it was closer to freezing than 95 so a heavier beer would have been appropriate.

I had a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale today and a “Hoptoberfest” (funny, beers proclaiming their hoppiness always disappoint myself), in fact, a couple of weeks ago the usual barmaid was shocked in my beer change up. When it was “hot” I was drinking Miller Lite, but it is no longer hot out.

Ahhh, I need to brew again!

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