Brett Favre’s Streak is Over

by Sean Hackbarth

1992 was a year when Ross Perot was taken seriously, Rush Limbaugh had a television show, Houston’s NFL team was the Oilers, and O.J. Simpson was famous for being in Naked Gun movies. It was also the year Brett Favre started for the Green Bay Packers–September 27, 1992 to be exact. It was a win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the highlights was Favre throwing a touchdown to one of my other favorite Packers, Sterling Sharpe. Like many things video, the ESPN highlights are on YouTube:

Last night, after 321 consecutive regular season and playoff games, Favre didn’t start a game. Injuries finally caught up with the NFL iron man. Minnesota Vikings spokesman, Jeff Anderson tweeted the news:

Vikings Inactives – 12, 19, 25, 31, 76, 90, 91…and 4. The streak ends…

But what a streak it was: three MVPs; 507 touchdown passes; 71,775 passing yards; 185 wins as a starting quarterback; etc.

The best sports comparison is to baseball’s Cal Ripkin and his streak of 2632 straight games. Ripkin even had something to say about the end of Favre’s streak:

Brett has had an incredible career and his consecutive games streak is remarkable. As a football fan I cannot fathom his accomplishment and I appreciate his dedication to and passion for the game. He is a true gamer and has provided us all with a lot of wonderful memories.”

I’m probably in the minority of Packers fans who are sad the streak is over. Yes, I wish he would have ended his career as a Packer, but that required Brett and the team to see eye-to-eye. When he led the Vikings the last two season I didn’t want him to win, but I’ve never hated the guy. He’s given me too many great sports memories. He helped bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Titletown. For that Brett I’m thankful.

Brett Favre Unable to Start vs. Giants”

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