Green Bay Packers Practice in High School

by Sean Hackbarth

Due to bad weather, the Green Bay Packers had to practice in a high school near Dallas. And what a high school it is:

In describing Highland Park’s athletic facilities, let’s just say there are stadiums in a smaller, but not that much smaller, college sense. Forget the football stadium, which would be larger than anything in Wisconsin outside of Camp Randall and Lambeau.

Beyond everything else, there is a tennis office, with parking spaces labeled “Tennis Only.” There is an indoor tennis facility beside the courts, just beyond a parking deck for students.

Six years ago, Sports Illustrated ranked Highland Park as the No. 1 sports program in the state of Texas, which would put it high in the running as the best sports program in the country.

You’re Super Bowl “must read” of the day is the first paragraph of this Rick Reilly piece:

You root for the Green Bay Packers in this Super Bowl because Steelers fans want their team to win but Packers fans need their team to win. They need it like air.

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One Response to “Green Bay Packers Practice in High School”


That wasn’t the last time they have done this either. During the recent strike, the team has been seen practicing on a local high school field as they weren’t allowed on their main training facility field. That’s dedication, much like you’d see from Super Bowl champions.

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